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January 2019 Retro Gaming Article

January 9, 2019 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

I love this retro-styled analog Instax camera... Why is there a Taylor Swift edition?

retro-styled Instax camera Taylor Swift Edition
I'm not sure I need the "Taylor Swift Edition", but this instant camera is savagely huge and looks like a ton of fun!
I've use Polaroid cameras - I guess they're called instant cameras now - but never owned one. I think that's about to change. I like the cost-effectiveness of digital photography, but this looks hella fun! Maybe a few "printed" pics would be kind of cool... useful even.

The SQ6 model camera looks big and clumsy, but that's what I like most about it visually. It gives it a very retro styled appearance.

retro-styled Instax camera Taylor Swift Edition retro-styled Instax camera Taylor Swift Edition
retro-styled Instax camera Taylor Swift Edition
I'll admit to being a Taylor Swift fan and I think it's pretty cool that they branded a camera after her Reputation tour. However, I'm more of a metal and classic-rock guy with a penchant for retro games. Thus, the Blush-gold version seems more my speed.

I believe this is the first Instax camera to use square format film. This means the printed images will be more reminiscent of the old Polaroid format. It uses a fairly non-standard battery.

These days we're accustomed to everything charging via some USB scenario. No the case here. the SQ6 requires two CR2 batteries. So, you won't be giving it a quick topping-off by plugging it into your laptop. Keep extra batteries around.

I don't always think things through. I love the style of this instant camera, but I'm a digital guy. What am I going to do with a bunch of printed photos? I'm still working out that part the my infatuation. I can't believe I can't find some fun use for printed pix of classic arcade games. Maybe? This camera is really cool. I must find a good purpose. Instant photography is back :)

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