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January 2019 Retro Gaming Article

January 11, 2019 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

A physical release of Super Meat Boy is coming to Switch by way of Limited Run Games and Best Buy

Super Meat Boy for Switch
Super Meat Boy began on Xbox 360 and PC, but spread to Sony's platforms and the Wii U. Now it comes to Switch on a game cartridge!
The partnership between Limited Run Games and Best Buy is becoming more and more lucrative as time passes. I picked up Golf Story as a physical release a few days a go from Best Buy. Now LRG is releasing Super Meat Boy via Best Buy to get the game to fans earlier than their internal schedule would allow.

Super Meat Boy An attempt to release Super Meat Boy fell through last year, so Limited Run Games stepped in to get the game released. Being last minute, it didn't fit into their schedule until the Spring, but the game would be ready much sooner. They decided to let Best Buy release the game in early February. This is a pretty slick option and is a win-win for those seeking a physical release of the game.

You can pre-order Super Meat Boy on Best Buy's website and have it shipped or pick up your order from the closest Best Buy store. This partnership is already benefiting gamers and allowing LRG to release a cool platformer while staying on schedule with their other releases. Seems like a smart move all around.

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