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March 2019 Retro Gaming Article

March 10, 2019 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Silk's retro and contemporary hand-drawn art bring back the style of '84s “Lords of Midnight” in an upcoming RPG

Silk Sandbox RPG and Adventure Game
Both the storyline and visual style will take you back in time in an adventure game set in 200AD - The Silk Road.
Silk is an RPG and Adventure game that lets you explore and make choices regarding Advisers and travel that impact your fate. I love the lo-fi approach to the game's visuals. It's a style rarely seen these days and will delight those who've played adventure games or want to experience a unique style of gaming you won't see in modern games.

For those who've ever debated the Commodore vx Spectrum, you'll want to delve into the wealth of info about the game, including detail and images along with gameplay videos, on the Silk Kickstarter page. New developer, ihobo Games is crowd-funding Silk via Kickstarter. They are a new indie game developer from International Hobo, the team behind Discworld Noir, Ghost Master, Heretic Kingdoms and others.

I remember playing similar looking games on my friend's computers. By today's standards they are simple and lack the hyper-realism so many gamers demand. But for many retro gamers, games like Silk offer a new adventure in a familiar style that takes us back to an era when run & gun was think & plot. Take a look at their campaign page and see if it doesn't tempt you back to 200AD.

Silk Sandbox RPG and Adventure Game From Silk's Kickstarter page:
With a lo-fi visual aesthetic and a lightweight interface that delivers endless engaging decisions, Silk is an innovative role-playing adventure like no other. Rise into glory by running your caravan from the Roman Empire to war-torn Three Kingdoms China. Defend yourself from bandits, sandstorms, and rebellions by hiring Advisors skilled in everything from battle to wayfinding. Fall in love with your own unique party of Advisors and the enchanting world of the Ancient Silk Road in 200 AD.

Each game begins by choosing a Heroic Destiny - will you be the first traveller to cross the entire length of the Silk Road and back? Or will you forge a trading empire that spans the world? Or will you raise an army and overthrow the Parthian Empire, or build your own kingdom?

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