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January 2019 Retro Gaming Article

January 4, 2019 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Limited Run Games has partnered with Pound to distribute their HDMI adapter for Nintendo SNES

Limited Rum Games has partnered with Pound
If you want to get your original SNES on the fancy wideScreen TV, this HDMI up-scaling cable may be for you.
Pound's HDMI adapter for Nintendo SNES Limited Run Games has partnered with Pound to sell their HDMI cable For SNES game consoles. This looks like the quick & dirty way to get a reasonable image on an HD TV. The cable only works on NTSC setups (PAL coming soon) and forces an up-scale to 720P at 16:0 ratio. They say you can force 4:3 via your TV's controls. At $30 you get a solution, although I'm not sure if you'll get much more than you're paying for.

It works with both the SNES and Famicom models, but not with the later released SNES Jr. That makes me think it may not work properly with older clones. On the other hand Analogue makes a very nice FPGA-based SNES clone, The SuperNt. It delivers a great image to my TV, can be flashed, and is compatible with all your favorite game carts.

While the SuperNt is the gold-standard of SNES emulation, the Pound cable is significantly less expensive and likely gets the job done. I really wish the site's description didn't try so hard to downplay it's image quality. I'm sure it's just find for a $30 upscaler with HDMI output.

This uninspiring description of video quality comes from the Limited Run Games site:
Please note that these cables upscale and convert an analog output - they do not produce crystal clear images, but they do outperform similarly priced options (and are a step-up from the standard composite output on an HD display). There are more expensive options out there in the $60 - $200 range that can produce better video quality, but they may require additional hardware to utilize.

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