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February 2, 2019 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

People act as though watching a movie takes 3 weeks and costs thousands of dollars

Consumers find one thing to complain about and then tout their superiority by NOT seeing the movie.
Society has been poisoned by social media. When abject hate and outrage is used to bolster one's perceived intelligence, something it wrong. I went to see Miss Bala and play Time Crisis 4 in the theater's arcade. I love Time Crisis and Miss Bala was an average flick. After reading online reviews, I'm astounded at the faults people find with the film and how these faults are of paramount importance to them. They get ruffled by trivial nonsense and pretend it's vital.

Get over yourselves. If you don't like a film's subject matter... stay home or see a different film. Why take the time to post online tirades about it. It's two hours and costs about $9. If that's too large an undertaking, find another type of entertainment for yourself!

I see lots of films that are mediocre at best, but rarely have regrets or a need to rant online about it. OK, I did post a blog about Aquaman - I thought it was the worst film I've seen in a decade and it's made a ton of money. But when you read the comment section on posts about Miss Bala, the comments are bizarre and quickly descend into anger. Then there are the ones who've not seen the film and made rash assumptions in an effort to seem "smart" for not seeing it. I'm stumped.

Intelligence is honed and earned through experience. Deciding not to see a film doesn't make you smarter. In fact, it doesn't mean anything. In a world where the most ardent critics of Star Wars are it's own fans, you have to wonder why anyone bothers with reviews when they are little more than mini segments of personal outrage over nonsense. I'm sorry you hate hamburgers, but please stop sharing on Yelp.

Played Time crisis 4 int the movie theater arcade before watching Miss Bala

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