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January 18, 2019 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

I'm excited about Ghostbusters, but lets not forget how many planets aligned to make the first flick a classic

Ghostbusters 2020
All signs point to a continuation of the popular 1984 Ghostbusters film, but can't we just hope it's a fun movie?
New Ghostbusters? Summer of 2020? Hell yeah! I feel the excitement. I've been infected with a bit of the manic craving for what made ghostbusters great in 1984. Alas, in 2019, duplication is paramount to creativity. While basing the 2020 version on the initial film's "universe" sounds promising - I liked the Melissa McCarthy variation - too many folks are getting their hopes up for a recreation of the "feel good" vibe of the '4 flick.

You have to remember the first Ghostbusters film involved four outstanding comedians coming together and ad-libbing a lot of the script. THAT is what gives us a great film. The human factor is the key and that can't be randomly duplicated despite Hollywood's desires.

Besides... Hollywood has lost it's mojo. Most films are based on proved plots - meaning retakes on existing stories. So few directors want to I hope the 2020 film is great and a cool extension of that storyline. There's no way I'll miss it, but I get irritated by those trashing the 2018 reboot and assuming the new film will cure all their woes. It's a movie. Go enjoy it. Worst case... you lose two hours.

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