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February 15, 2019 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

The GoodBoy Game System teaches Fido chew on his Game Boy... and yours

GoodBoy Game System for dogs
I love dogs, but if my dog chewed my Game Boy... I may be inclined to switch to tropical fish.
My first thought was, "Hey, I'm a gamer. That looks like a fun toy for my dog." The logic is there. You want one more thing in common with your pup. Hey we both like "Game Boy". Yeah.. OK.

So, you're sitting on the couch playing Metroid on your Game Boy and Fido is siting next to you chewing on his BoodBoy Game System chew-toy and the photos coming from this are Instagram gold. You have a Game Boy. Fido has a Game Boy. You're getting likes. Follows. Great comments. One you tag the manufacturer and why not include the guys a @Purina? It's gold and you need to keep up this gaming-dog theme. The Net is loving it.

You're training your dog to eat your game consoles.
Then I began thinking. This is the conversation discussed around the conference room table when the marketing guys met with the production team and everyone was sold on this "gaming dog" concept. People love video games. People love dogs. Lets do this!

Next thing you know, you're buying this thing at PetSmart.

Here's the reality. Remember when you were a toddler and you had a Fisher Price Tablet, just like Daddy's iPad. You felt that bond, but you knew what you really wanted. Your tablet is nifty, but you wanted that iPad. Fido is the same. Your dog knows he got the lame end of the Game Boy scenario.

Sure his is fluffy and sometimes you hide treats in it, but he sees your Game Boy. Your Nintendo Game Boy.... and one day you're going to leave the house and Fido is going to seek out YOUR Game Boy. That fluffy one leaves fuzz in his mouth and the one you have makes way more sounds.

That fun dog-toy you bought did nothing but train your dog to ea your Game Boy.

GoodBoy Game System for dogs The GoodBoy Game System for dogs.
GoodBoy Game System for dogs The GoodBoy Game System for dogs.

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