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January 2019 Retro Gaming Article

January 5, 2019 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Golf Story's minigame, Galf, arrived on an actual NES cartridge with a box, manual, and styrofoam

Golf Story's minigame, Galf, on an NES cartridge
Limited Run Games sold this NES version of Galf, programmed by Eskimo Bob creator Tomas Guinan.
If you've played the RPG golfing game on Switch - Golf Story - you may have encountered the mini game called Galf. Limited Run Games released the mini game as a playable NES game cartridge. Only 1,500 cartridges were made of which 1,050 are grassy green and 450 are golf ball white. We miraculously managed to snag a green cart for our collection.

this NES game was coded by Tomas Guinan, from Spoony Bard Productions, who has successfully Kickstarted two cool NES homebrew games, Eskimo Bob and Alfonzo's Arctic Adventure.

Like many video games - even golfing games - you have foes. The Galf manual advises you avoid strange degenerate like the nudist crab, lady crocodile and flightless bird. Unlike the mini game within Golf Story, Galf on the NES has a 2-player version. it's a lark, but if you've played it on the Switch, playing Galf on the NES is much more fun and takes you back to simpler times.

Golf Story's minigame, Galf, - shrink wrapped box Galf is designed as a complete package complete with a shrink wrapped box.
Golf Story's minigame, Galf, on an NES cartridge Galf has all the CIB components including the styrofoam insert.

Golf Story's minigame, Galf - box The front of the Galf box.
The back of the Galf box The back of the Galf box shows a few of the nine holes.

Golf Story's minigame, Galf - cartridge sleeve The Galf cartridge comes in a traditional game sleeve.
The dark green Galf cartridge The dark green Galf cartridge.

Golf Story's minigame, Galf comes on an NES cartridge with a manual

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