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September 2019 Retro Gaming Article

September 5, 2019 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

The handheld Evercade game console uses multi-game cartridges full of retro games

Evercade game console
I have several handhelds with built-in games and there's something special about the tactile feel of inserting a cartridge full of games.
Atari Collection for the Evercade game console At first glance the Evercade handheld game console looks like a lot of other handhelds on the marke, but it takes a different approach. I have a few handhelds with bilt-in games and you never really know what version (legal or illegal) of each game is provided. Evercade uses multi-game cartridges!

It's says it is designed for retro games - 8 & 16 bit - which may be based on it's hardware capabilities. Regardless, Evercade games are licensed from the source and come on cartridges, complete with boxed packaging. This is a nice nod to collectors who like boxes and physical game carts. The cartridges are all multi-game and contain between 6 and 20 games. You'll see the current list of developers in the list below, but they come from the likes of Namco, Atari, and Data East.

You can play anywhere (even while charging) on the 4.3" or connect it to your HD TV. The games support save-states so you can stop and resume anywhere within a game. They are a UK-based company, but will be selling via Amazon to enable more territories to buy the Evercade in a local manner.

Seeing a variety of arcade classics from Namco makes me wish Atari had provided arcade titles rather than the usual console games we see on many devices. Overall, the Evercade has a nice selection of games from solid sources and they promise to keep the carts coming. Hopefully they'll announce new partners as the launch date nears.

Evercade game console

Evercade Game List, by Manufacturer

I copied the list from their website and dumped it into Excel so I could sort it alphabetically by each participating vendor. This way you can view the offering from each company.

Game Title Game Cartridge Collection
Adventure (2600) Atari Collection 1
Alien Brigade (7800) Atari Collection 1
Aquaventure (2600) Atari Collection 1
Asteroids (2600) Atari Collection 1
Canyon Bomber (2600) Atari Collection 1
Centipede (2600) Atari Collection 1
Crystal Castles (2600) Atari Collection 1
Desert Falcon (2600) Atari Collection 1
Double Dunk (2600) Atari Collection 1
Food Fight (7800) Atari Collection 1
Gravitar (2600) Atari Collection 1
Missile Command (2600) Atari Collection 1
Motor Psycho (7800) Atari Collection 1
Night Driver (2600) Atari Collection 1
Ninja Golf (7800) Atari Collection 1
Steeplechase (2600) Atari Collection 1
Swordquest Earthworld (2600) Atari Collection 1
Tempest (2600) Atari Collection 1
Video Pinball (2600) Atari Collection 1
Yars Return (2600) Atari Collection 1
Air Sea Battle (2600) Atari Collection 2
Asteroids (7800) Atari Collection 2
Basketbrawl (7800) Atari Collection 2
Bowling (2600) Atari Collection 2
Centipede (7800) Atari Collection 2
Dark Chambers (2600) Atari Collection 2
Demons to Diamonds (2600) Atari Collection 2
Desert Falcon (7800) Atari Collection 2
Haunted House (2600) Atari Collection 2
Human Canonball (2600) Atari Collection 2
Millipede (2600) Atari Collection 2
Planet Smashers (7800) Atari Collection 2
Radar Lock (2600) Atari Collection 2
Realsports Tennis (2600) Atari Collection 2
Solaris (2600) Atari Collection 2
Sprintmaster (2600) Atari Collection 2
Street Racer (2600) Atari Collection 2
Submarine Commander (2600) Atari Collection 2
Wizard (2600) Atari Collection 2
Yars' Revenge (2600) Atari Collection 2
Bad Dudes Data East Collection
Burger Time Data East Collection
Burnin' Rubber (Bump & Jump) Data East Collection
Fighter's History Data East Collection
Joe & Mac 2: Lost in the tropics Data East Collection
Karate Champ Data East Collection
Magical Drop 2 Data East Collection
Midnight Resistance Data East Collection
Side Pocket Data East Collection
Two Crude Dudes Data East Collection
BattleChess Interplay Collection 1
Boogerman Interplay Collection 1
Clayfighter Interplay Collection 1
Earthworm Jim Interplay Collection 1
Incantation Interplay Collection 1
Titan Interplay Collection 1
Clayfighter 2 Interplay Collection 2
Claymates Interplay Collection 2
Earthworm Jim 2 Interplay Collection 2
Prehistoric Man Interplay Collection 2
Super Castles Interplay Collection 2
The Adventures of Rad Gravity Interplay Collection 2
The Brainies Interplay Collection 2
Almost Hero Mega Cat Studios Collection 1
Coffee Crisis Mega Cat Studios Collection 1
Creepy Brawlers Mega Cat Studios Collection 1
Justice Duel Mega Cat Studios Collection 1
Little Medusa Mega Cat Studios Collection 1
Log Jammers Mega Cat Studios Collection 1
Multidude Mega Cat Studios Collection 1
Old Towers Mega Cat Studios Collection 1
Super Painter Mega Cat Studios Collection 1
Tšnzer Mega Cat Studios Collection 1
Battle Cars Namco Collection 1
Dig Dug Namco Collection 1
Galaxian Namco Collection 1
Libble Rabble Namco Collection 1
Mappy Namco Collection 1
Mappy Kids Namco Collection 1
Metal Marines Namco Collection 1
Pac Man Namco Collection 1
Quad Challenge Namco Collection 1
Star Luster Namco Collection 1
Xevious Namco Collection 1
Burning Force Namco Collection 2
Dig Dug 2 Namco Collection 2
Dragon Spirit Namco Collection 2
Galaga Namco Collection 2
Pac-Attack Namco Collection 2
Phelios Namco Collection 2
Splatterhouse 2 Namco Collection 2
Splatterhouse 3 Namco Collection 2
Tower of Druaga Namco Collection 2
Warp Man Namco Collection 2
Weapon Lord Namco Collection 2
8-Eyes Piko Interactive Collection 1
Brave Battle Saga Piko Interactive Collection 1
Canon - Legends of the New Gods Piko Interactive Collection 1
Dorke and Ymp Piko Interactive Collection 1
Dragon View Piko Interactive Collection 1
Drakkhen Piko Interactive Collection 1
Iron Commando Piko Interactive Collection 1
Jim Power - The Lost Dimension Piko Interactive Collection 1
Magic Girl Piko Interactive Collection 1
NightShade Piko Interactive Collection 1
Power Piggs of the Dark Ages Piko Interactive Collection 1
Power Punch II Piko Interactive Collection 1
Radical Rex Piko Interactive Collection 1
Switchblade Piko Interactive Collection 1
The Humans Piko Interactive Collection 1
The Immortal Piko Interactive Collection 1
Tinhead Piko Interactive Collection 1
Top Racer Piko Interactive Collection 1
Water Margin Piko Interactive Collection 1
Way of the exploding fist Piko Interactive Collection 1

It should be interesting to see which other developers will put their games on cartridges for the Evercade handheld.

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