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January 2019 Retro Gaming Article

January 2, 2019 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Ditch your power brick and fire up your Colecovision console via the ColUSB alternative

ColUSB power alternative
Power supplies go bad. They can be expensive. Get rid of your Colecovision's power brick with this USB-C solution!
External power bricks are bulky, heavy, and expensive to replace. If you have a working Colecovision, stow the brick and try this USB-C power alternative. The ColUSB provides all three required voltages and fits into the power port on the back of your Coleco game console - providing a USB-C port. The adapter has an up-converter as well as a voltage stabilizer.

It's been tested with Colecovision variations and moded consoles, along with other accessories. You need to supply the USB-C cable and 2A USB power adapter - the ColUSB only provides the adapter itself. I'm more of a fan of all-inclusive products, but if you already have these parts laying around, it will save you some money.

I love the ingenuity of this adapter. Coleco power supplies can be expensive and elusive. This seems like a clever alternative to powering a Colecovision. I've found tow places that seem to sell them - one may be a distributor. I'm still researching where to purchase it, but am looking forward to this device.

I've found the ColUSB available from two sources: Console5 and Dragonbox in Germany. I believe Dragonbox is the manufacturer and Console5 is a US distributor, but I'm still researching their roles and deciding who to purchase from.

Happy New Year 2019

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