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July 2019 Retro Gaming Article

July 3, 2019 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

BurgerTime Party is coming in October for Nintendo Switch

BurgerTime Party for Nintendo Switch BurgerTime Party for Nintendo Switch
XSEED is bringing back the Data East classic with new challenges and levels and a 4-player multiplayer mode!
I hadn't heard the news when it first came out, but XSEED is updating BurgerTime for Nintendo Switch with an October 1 launch. It may have been shown at E3.I love BurgerTime! I played it in arcades, although it was a hard game to find in my area back in 1982. Such a great concept!

BurgerTime Party for Nintendo Switch I've played it on the Atari 2600, NES, and last year's Super BurgerTime from Flying Tiger Entertainment. My favorite BurgerTime reboot was BurgerTime World Tour on the Nintendo Wii. Alas, they lost a licensing component and the game was removed.

Super BurgerTime was a fun update to the original with a look more reminiscent of the original where as BurgerTim World Tour was quite a departure. XSEED's version looks to be somewhere between these two with a modern look to the original platformer but not quite as crazy as the spinning tower of World Tour.

BurgerTime Party logo The beauty of all these versions is the passion for an awesome game. When Devs want to enhance it in so many ways, you know that comes from a passion for the original.

I'm looking forward to BurgerTime Party in October. Get your pepper ready!

From XSEED's press release:
Chef Peter Pepper and the Food Foes return to serve up a fresh look and tons of new gameplay in this tasty reimagining of Data East's 1982 arcade classic! After firing up the grill for some action, new modes and items will have modern chefs thinking outside of the bun to solve bite-sized puzzles like crumbling floors, oil spills, and freezing ladders, all while evading edible enemies both old and new.

Local multiplayer lets 2-4 friends cooperate as cooks or compete as cuisine across 100+ stages that will keep the fun from getting stale long past Mr. Hot Dog's expiration date. Now, let's get cooking!

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