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February 2019 Retro Gaming Article

February 25, 2019 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

The BittBoy handheld video game console has evolved to supporting Game Boy Advance games too

BittBoy supports Game Boy Advance games
The next update to the BittBoy will bring Game Boy Advance compatibility via SD card.
BittBoy supports Game Boy Advance games The second iteration of this crazy little game console has no built-in games this time around. Instead, they've implemented the formerly non-existent SD card slot, letting you add ROMs to your heart's content. Right now the Bittboy supports NES, Game Boy , and Game Boy Color ROMs.

An update is coming that will allow you to add Game Boy Advance games to the device - no soldering. The update is added via SD card. This is an upcoming update. I'm not sure about the timeline for it's delivery.

The small screen on the original BittBoy was really nice. I'm hoping the 2.4" IPS screen on the V2 model will be I bought a BittBoy about a year ago and love it. It's tiny, with a great screen, and stuffed full of 300 (most likely pilfered) NES games. It's a blast, but al the games were bilt in.

It has what looks like an SD card slot, but there's nothing on the PCB for it... just an open slot. Drop in a card and it will rattle around inside until you get out a screw driver and open the unit to retrieve your SD card.

I'm stoked to pick one up once they get the GBA stuff implemented. It fits in a shirt pocket and is more fun than allowed by law.

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