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March 2019 Retro Gaming Article

March 24, 2019 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Add an FPGA platform to your JAMMA cabinet for 18 additional arcade games

Mom & Pop video stores were awesome
The BitKit is an 8-bit FPGA platform for accurately playing arcade classics in any JAMMA compatible cabinet.
The CraftyMech BitKit is a small PCB that allows games to be added to JAMMA arcade cabinets, via a USB port. It supports an additional 18 games with a menu system for selecting games, using the Player1 controls, as well as settings for each individual title. You can also direct boot into a specific game, bypassing the menu system and offer a free-play option. There is a screen-flip option for cocktail compatibility. It's a clever product!

For the usual legal reasons, the BitKit does not come populated with games and is intended for home use only. Adding and changing the set of selectable games appears to be as simple as updating the ROMs via the USB interface. This is also how you would upgrade firmware and updates. Additional expansion options come

When I encounter products like this, it makes me wish I had a better grasp of electronics knowledge. Such devices are such labors of love and make the retro community a better place.

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