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March 2019 Retro Gaming Article

March 29, 2019 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Atari's latest “update” has not inspired much confidence for the release of their VCS game console

Atari VCS production update
There was great detail about the color of the "power on" light and redesigning the plastic case.
I smirked when I saw the email subject line,"Atari VCS 2019: More exciting hardware news to report!" I was certain we would be treated to a lengthy diatribe of words amounting to - no news.

They acknowledged the chip update, passing it off as "previously discussed, and went into the delivery timeline and industrial design changes to the case. Regarding delivery, everything will be delivered at the same time. So, folks like me who only ordered a joystick (for pure nostalgia) won't get it earlier than someone who paid for the whole package. Thus, we will all be simultaneously disappointed when the process drags on for years and is finally ruled "unfeasible."

I do not believe Atari will ever be capable of delivering this console.
From the email, they direct us to a new blog post that drones on about the plastic case. Plenty of computer renders are presented in place of any actual prototype.

They moved two USB ports to the rear of the console. Somehow this change prompted them to remove the SD card slot entirely. Aren't they a bit far into the development phase to be figuring out what ports to provide? Then they provide updated dimensions of the console only to say these new dimensions are "approximate."

Last time we heard from Atari, they spoke of a new chipset for the Atari VCS and a delay to the end of the year on delivery. Months later, they have approximate dimensions of the plastic case. This is ridiculous and worse still is that Atari disseminates this info as though it were anything other than drivel.

If Atari was serious about delivering hardware, they's be working closely with the chip manufacturer to ensure they were on track to have the latest tech implemented at their delivery date - not switching it up at the eleventh hour. To be toying around with the case at this stage is pretty strange. Lets hear how this tech will change things for game developers working to deliver titles for this console. Does Atari have anyone lined up or are the Indiegogo backers expected to play asteroids for the first year and a half? BTW- all the built-in retro games are just the Atari Vault product that has been available since June 2016.

Atari VCS production update

I Love Atari's Innovation of the 70s ad 80s

I love Atari's accomplishments and developments, in the 1970s and 80s, that enabled the game industry to become bigger and better. The current incarnation of Atari is nothing more than a shell company with rights to the former company's IPs.

I feel if Atari is to be successful in the future, they must focus on softgoods (shirts and hats) and forgo the notion they can develop and deliver any type of hardware. I'll say it again - I love Atari (the company from the 70s, 80s and 90s).

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