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March 30, 2019 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Offering voter registration at music concerts is exactly what this country needs

While registering to vote isn't what I'd expect at a concert, Ariana Grande is doing a great thing with #thankunextgen!
Ariana Grande Sweetner concert The old adage about teaching old dogs, new tricks is surprisingly realistic. Change is often the result of a new younger generation growing up in a new era with new ideas. Changing minds is a hard uphill battle. Letting a kid grown up under different circumstances is far more successful.

Young pople are smart and attuned to many of today's causes, yet getting them to vote is still that same uphill battle. Amont other things, kids are accustomed to convenience. From streaming music to shopping online, youth avoid hassles... like registering to vote. What if you could register quickly while at a music concert? That's the kind of convenience that will hopefully get more young people involved with our horrendous political system.

Ariana Grande partnered with Headcount to be part of their initiative to register people to vote at concerts. Even if they're too young, it sets up good awareness and lets them set a reminder to register when they turn 18.

voter registration at Ariana Grande concerts
From the CNN site:

The 25-year-old artist has partnered with HeadCount to allow concertgoers to register to vote during her Sweetener World Tour. The nonprofit organization works with music artists to set up voter registration booths at concerts and runs other programs to promote civic participation.

"Together, we designed #thankunextgen, a program to help Ariana's fans make their voices heard," the organization said on Twitter.

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