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March 6, 2019 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

With a shop on every corner, does Starbucks need Ariana Grande inspired Cloud Macchiatos?

How about dialing back the wifi and putting a few arcade games in the corner? Coffee-cade?
There's a Starbucks in my supermarket... about thirty feet away from the coffee aisle. Their business model fascinates me. Do consumers not now the cost of a small bag of coffee beans - already ground and ready to go?

I understand convenience (and being lazy), but I brew a good cup of coffee in my kitchen and that lets me fritter away my pocket money on Slurpees - which probably contain a similar health risk as over-surgery coffee. Ariana has a nice voice, but I'm not going to become a Starbucks convert.

Ariana Grande inspired Cloud Macchiato Ariana Grande inspired Cloud Macchiato drink features a special Cloud foam recipe and includes egg whites combined with espresso and a caramel drizzle.
Ariana Grande inspired Cloud Macchiato Starbucks teamed up with the recent Grammy winner as its newest brand ambassador and unveiled the Grande-inspired Cloud Macchiato beverage.

Cloud Macchiato coffeeCade She's an unmistakable talent, but if you want to lure me into Starbucks, sprinkle each location with arcade games. Defender and Gorf are more likely to attract me than a $7 cup of Cloud Macchiato.

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