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March 2019 Retro Gaming Article

March 1, 2019 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Arcade1Up released a Limited Edition Space Invaders cabinet with an urgency to get it while you can

Arcade1Up Llimited Edition Space Invaders cabinet
With only one version of Space Invaders for the full $299, this seems unrealistic... even if it's touted as Limited Edition.
Arcade1Up Llimited Edition Space Invaders cabinet "Get it while you can" seems to be the under-current to Arcade1Up's Space Invaders release. It's a Walmart exclusive and goes for $299. I was under the impression that the recent Holiday Season taught us the price was too high. I've seen their cabinets marked down at several retailers.

On top of this, the previous cabinets had multiple games (often four) on each cabinet. They refer to it as the Space Invaders 40th anniversary cabinet, but I'm not sure what that means in terms of the product.

On home consoles, I've seen many variations of Space Invaders. Even ones that mimicked the colored overlays seen on some black & white versions to add color to the descending invaders. Offering only a single game seems peculiar considering how the product line was initially launched with multiple games per cabinet.

For Casual Gaming

These 3/4-sized arcade cabinets with 17" screens give a pretty good arcade experience compared to an AtGames Flashback console where the physical gameplay is quite different from the arcade experience. While recent Flashbacks have fewer 'arcade" versions of the games, I liken these two companies in that they both offer gaming products for casual or nostalgic gamers.

I've owned several full-size arcade games at home and they are much different from Arcade1Up's products. 3/4-inch beaverboard makes a much more robust cabinet and the typical 24" monitors are noticeably larger than the 17" screens in the Arcade1Up. There is also the lighted marquees of the original games that offer a lot of visual flair along with the various attract-mode sounds.

If you're shopping around for an Arcade1Up cabinet, do some research. You'll find many of the previously released games reduced to $149. Paying $299 for one game seems counter to the trend. I suspect this is why they are trying to amplify the "Limited Edition" status. Making them seem scarce will drive the price up. These smaller cabinets deliver a lot of arcade fun, but know what you're getting and do your homework on the various options and prices.

From Arcade1Up's promo email for the Space Invaders cabinet:
Let the hunt begin! Get our limited edition, 40th anniversary Space Invaders cabinet now! This is a limited quantity model for all of our collectors out there. Get it while supplies last. Online, only at Walmart.

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