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June 10, 2019 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Can four players fit around Arcade1Up's newly announced TMNT arcade cabinet without it tipping over?

TMNT arcade game from Arcade1Up
I love the Arcade TMNT games, but an elongated 4-player control deck on these 3/4 size cabinets sounds cramped and tippy.
Arcade1Up announced some cool titles for their 3/4 size arcade cabinets at E3. Their business is bringing retro games into homes with a fairly realistic arcade experience. They released a variety of cabinets each containing about 4 games. Title-wise, I was impressed with the selection, but I questioned the pricing. Initially priced at $299, they quickly dropped to $149 at my local WalMart.

At E3 they are offering TMNT (4-player with extended control deck) and Marvel Super Heroes. These are both great titles, but the extended control deck makes me wonder how easily the cabinet might tip over if too much weight was applied to the outer player positions.

If you've seen/played these cabinets in-store, you know they are light weight and don't hold up well to consumer abuse. Naturrally, store displays will take way more abuse than they would in a loving home, but they aren't as robust as I'd hoped. One day at an FYE, a guy was trying to navigate the crowded store and accidentally gave the Arcade1Up demo cabinet a hip-shot. The cab went sailing and crashed on it's side. It was very telling to me as I looked on in horror.

I'm sure this cab would be fine in a home environment where people would be careful, but I'd still worry about it tipping over if someone put weight on it during normal play.

TMNT arcade game from Arcade1Up

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