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March 25, 2019 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

When you don't buy a new $1,000 iPhone every year, other revenue streams are necessary... introducing Apple Arcade

Announcing Apple Arcade
Apple announced a slew of goods and services today including their subscription-based gaming platform, Apple Arcade
While Google is pushing their new cloud-based gaming platform, Stadia, Apple fired back with Apple Arcade - with all games playable offline. Some games will support controllers and all of them can be played across Apples phones, tablets, computers, and even via AppleTV.

Announcing Apple Arcade This new era of "network" games are seemingly steering us away from our console addiction - or trying to do so. As I mentioned (complained) about Stadia's anti ownership stance these services or subscriptions are leveraging strengths of Google and Apple at the expense of gamers. Both these companies have infrastructures conducive to cloud-based services. Assuming gaming fits the model may be premature.

Lots of folks like mobile games. I've found a few I enjoy very much, but when I think of video games, it's all about consoles, controllers and a myriad of games sitting on my shelves. Games I own and can play anytime I wish. I rarely stream music or movies. I'm not interested in games that flow down om a server farm.

I'm not old school or stuck in the past. I like the reliability of a game console. It delivers a standard of play. I'm not convinced the average internet connection will deliver cloud-based game play. When the selection of games is beyond gamer's control, those games can be removed. Each month Netflix adds films and removes them. Gaming will follow the same model. I've loved Missile Command for decades - Asteroids too. I can play them on various consoles any time I want. What if such games were purged to leave room for newer titles?

Cloud-based services are touted as a convenience, but it's also training us to accept a lack of control via non-ownership. I can listen to any of my CDs, DVDs, and games anytime I want. If may favorite entertainment is removed from streams... what then?

As these new servies go live, it will be interesting to see how well they work and how accepting gamers are of this new way to play...and pay. Its a bold new world out there with a lot of new ideas. Some may be good, while others not so much. I will never relinquish my entertainment media that I own on physical media, but I'm willing to embrace elements of this new era.

Announcing Apple Arcade

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