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December 2019 Retro Gaming Article

December 9, 2019 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

If you thought Moon Patrol was Amico's only demo, wait until you see Atari Breakout

Intellivision Amico Breakout
I didn't expect another demo so soon. Intellivision Amico is doing a great job with PR!
First we were able to play a short Moon Patrol demo and now we have Breakout! They have a slick trailer that shows off the savage reboot they've given Atari's Breakout. It looks full of power ups that include a forward firing laser. This game looks astounding and again makes me super stoked to see what comes next and getting the Amico video game console in 2020.

Back in the day, I loved Breakout on my Atari 2600. It was one of the primary reasons, i unplugged the joysticks to swap in the paddle controllers. Warlords too but anyway...

I love what Intellivision is doing with classic games for the Amico. At the outset of the consoles mention, I wasn't really sure what sort of games would be available. The sound and visuals are stunning! Seeing Moon Patrol and Breakout excites me for this console!

From the Intellivision Amico newsletter:
Intellivision is proud to show off its exclusive version of Atari's Breakout only available on the Intellivision Amico console launching 10.10 2020. Although the game will start off in original "vertical mode", it won't take long to utilize the full 16:9 aspect ratio and turn things sideways! Part "block buster" and part 2D side scrolling shooter, you'll only have a limited amount of time to get to the goal and BREAKOUT!

Will the player in the trailer make it to the end on time? They have 4 minutes to complete the task! Players can utilize the vertical touchscreen to control the paddle and (as seen in the trailer) can use motion controls (once a ball is hit) to angle, aim, spin and curve in the direction that you'd like the ball to go! And don't forget, we'll also be adding multi-player couch co-op and versus modes as well!

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