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January 17, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

After lots of research, my first VCR was a Betamax, positioning me for my first format war

Sony Betamax video recorder
The quality of the Betamax was far superior to VHS, but the rental market was swayed toward that big clunky format.
You didn't need a sid-by-side comparison to see how much clearer the picture was on a Betamax. I was sold and felt like I was on the cutting edge of technology... in the early 80s. It was great for recording, but then the gap began to grow.

At the video store (long before Blockbuster took over) the Mom & Pop shops often carried both Beta and VHS. But Beta began to fade - fast. The rental scene had been won over by manufacturers and Hollywood. This was the first format war I experienced.

Owner of hundreds of Beta tapes, I wasn't swayed to VHS. I dug in. Beta ruled my world. Finding a fun movie to rent on the weekend became much more difficult, but I loved recording movies off HBO, Showtime, and Cinemax. So, I wasn't too bothered by it until I realized the rise of VHS was inevitable and I had tons of Beta tapes. As I watched Beta lose the format war to VHS, I learned nothing, converted to VHS and promptly began buying all my favorite movies on Laserdisc. Later I discovered Sony didn't cease making beta tapes until March of 2016!

I loved vinyl records from the analog sound to the amazing artwork throughout the packaging. I smartly skipped 8-track tapes and only went the "tape" route when Cassettes were popular. To this day I still own the first CD I purchased - Ozzy's Blizzard Of Oz. Next, I owned a Dennon DVD player two weeks before the first DVD movies were available at retail. When 4K DVDs arrived, I laughed since I hadn't bought a Blue Ray player until Christmas 2017.

I used to be an adventurous early-adopter of technology, but these days I'm content to have random chats with my Echo Dot and reminisce about that amazing Betamax that started it all. Wow, I'm glad I avoided Circuit City's DIVX !
January 17, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Stop throwing away old pizza boxes- Nintendo LABO has a building project for you this Spring

Nintendo Labo
Nintendo announced a clever cardboard building project fully integrated with the Switch game console's technology.
Nintendo Labo logo With a nifty STEM-like scenario, Nintendo announced an alternate use for your Switch game console. Do you like making things? Building things? Tinkering? Nintendo LABO might be right up your alley.

Coming this Spring is an unusual product for your Nintendo Switch. Employing it's electronics, vibrations, and quirkiness, there are two projects you can order - also called Toy-Cons. The variety kit offers several projects from an interactive fishing rod to a piano... and an RC car! This toy-con is $70. At a slightly higher price is also a robot building kit.

I think this is a very cool revelation from Nintendo. Others think so too. Of course there are some doubters, but who else - but Nintendo - could pull this off? Both Sony and Microsoft have offered confusing upgrade paths for their video game consoles, making them powerful beasts of raw processing power. And that's not necessarily a bad thing, but Nintendo constantly proves, processing power is not the only path.

Nintendo released a revolutionary console that is outselling it's rivals. Rather than develop a moe powerful SWitch, they completely re-invented a new way to play! Nintendo is focused on fun! In the end, those who only care about processor speeds aren't likely to understand Nintendo LABO, much less Nintendo's ability to think outside the box - way outside.

I think LABO will appeal to many adult gamers (especially those with kids) and kids themselves. I doubt it will expand Switch sales due to the hardwar's price point, but the publicity alone won't hurt. Nintendo's offerings in this cardboard construction genre are quite interesting, but imagine when third parties get involved!

Coming in April 2018, Nintendo LABO seems poised to boost the Nintendo brand and bring the Switch in a new direction - an unexpected direction. Start saving your old pizza boxes. I'm sure Nintendo's designs will spawn your inner-child to want to build more cool stuff!

Nintendo Labo If you're not a fan, you have to admire Nintendo's ability to evolve. A year ago many wondered if the Wii U had forever ruined Nintendo. Less than a year after launch, they are as strong a contender as ever and continuing to evolve in ways no one expected. Nintendo power!
January 16, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Hyperkin's SupaRetroN HD Console brings SNES & SFC game carts to modern TVs

SupaRetroN HD Gaming Console
We love original equipment, but the world is modernizing and Hyperkin allows old games to be played in the modern world.
We adore our SNES console, but it doesn't play nice with our new HDMI HD television. It works just like it did when we bought it new on the old Sony Trinitron, but such CRT TVs are finite and will only become harder to find. If retro gaming it to continue, old games need to become compatible with modern TVs and the SupaRetroN HD is aiding that battle.

When I hear folks claiming there are "lots" of CRT TVs available, I laugh. That may be true... in certain areas... for the time being. No one is making CRT TVs anymore - thus a problem exists going forward. One of my TVs has both composite and HDMI, but the newer one lacks any composite support. Composite components like old DVD players look awful on newer TVs... as do old game consoles. Face it, the world has modernized beyond our beloved retro games.

You can go the ROM and emulator route, but I still love the tactile feel of old game cartridges. Lets get back to the SupaRetroN HD.

Hyperkin's SupaRetroN HD Console operates off an FPGA chip, as opposed to an emulator, and it supports HD 720p output to HDMI while also retaining composite out for use on an old CRT TV. Slick! It also has an aspect ration switch to effortlessly go from 4:3 to 16:9! As if that weren't enough, check out Hyperkin-engineered Pin Perfect!

Yeah... we didn't get it either, but there's a video on their Facebook page that shows a cartridge loosely inserted, wiggling around without any interruption in game play. could this be the end of the death-like grip some clones have on game carts? I have a few clones that nearly tear the metal off he PCB when you go to pull the cart out. I'm hoping this Pin Perfect tech makes for a more gentle interaction between the console and game cart.

I'm excited to begin delving into the clone market and explore these consoles and their functionality with old games and new TVs. As long as our CRTs still work, we'll continue to play most of our retro games in the basement, but the Nintendo Classic Edition consoles have shown us the fun we can have with old games on big TVs. The world is an evolving place and gaming is changing as well. I can't wait to get a SupaRetroN HD and figure out what Pin Perfect is all about!
January 14, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

If you've ever thought of making your own NES games, NES Maker promises to make it easier

Mystic Searches made with NES Maker
Coding NEW games may become much easier with an innovative set of tools from 8-Bit Heroes, available now via Kickstarter!
NES Maker logo I'd heard of Joe Granato and his New 8-Bit Heroes project. I loved the concept! In short, he had always wanted to create his own NES game as a kid and decided, as an adult, to give it a try. He'd imagined an RPG game called Mystic Searches and learned how to code it and bring it to life in a very cool way.

The process involved a documentary film about NES development and resulted in a prequel game Mystic Origins. Hearing about this prequel, I ordered a copy and was very stoked when it arrived.

I'm looking forward to the larger Mystic Searches, but in the mean time Granato has taken the software development tools he created for Mystic Searches and is offering them as a suite of tools, called NES Maker.

You can own this front-end interface that will facilitate the creation of code for NES games without having to deal with coding assembly language - NES Maker does it for you. I'm sure it's not as simple as it seems, but this is a huge jump forward in bringing NES development to a lot more people. There are several stretch goals featuring moules for specific genres like RPG, fighters, and shooters.

Check out the NES Maker Kickstarter and watch both videos. The intro video sets the stage for the concept, but the second one (further down the page) answers a lot of questions. The kickstarter campaign is diverse and offers the software as well as some of the hardware needed to copy your game to an actual pcb and install it into a blank NES cartridge. Pop it in your NES and play your creation!

This campaign seems like a dream come true for those who've dreamed of creating their own NES game! I'd love to do that, but my lack of development skills always put it on the back burner. NES Maker brings the reality to the forefront of my thoughts. I'm no developer, but i'd love to make a video game! NES Maker might be just the tool to bring me closer to jumping in!
January 13, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

A dual-link Arctic Thunder video game arrived at my local movie theater's arcade

Midway's Arctic Thunder arcade game
There's something magical about a new video game appearing at a familiar arcade, even if it's seventeen years old!
I was excited to see Molly's Game (great film), but that began to pale as I realized there was a new game in the movie theater's arcade! I always try to get to the theater early to rally thorough a few games before taking in a movie. When my son is visiting, the 2-player games often culminate in Air Hockey - a family favorite.

Today, the back wall of the arcade looked similar - but a little different. The familiar seats of Midway's Hydro Thunder had been replaced with sit-on "sleds"! One of the former Hydro Thunder units had been "out of order" for a while. It seems the fix was the introduction of another Midway title - Arctic Thunder, released in 2000.

Having played several sit-on motorcycle games, this one was similar, but had a nice feel to it. Most motorcycle games seat you fairly high up, forcing the player to hunch over. Arctic Thunder's snowmobile game lets you sit lower and almost look upward to the screen. I found this a nice change in this type of game. I'm stoked to have my son visit so we can make use of the dual-machine link.

Having grown up in the lavish arcades of the 80's, I'm accustomed to rows and rows of amazing games - too many to play through in one night. In those days we used to scoff at a "theater arcade" with four or five video games. Today, those feelings are reversed! In fact, I'm stoked that modern theaters often have more than two games. It's another place to enjoy the kind of entertainment that meant everything to me as a kid.

Two local arcades have Space Invaders Frenzy and another has the original Space Invaders video game similar to the one I played at the bowling alley in my childhood home town. DEcades later it's a joy to see video game arcades still in operation. While not the same as they were in the 80s, I'm glad the advances in home video game consoles hasn't completely ruined the option of going out... just to play video games and maybe take in a movie.

Midway's Arctic Thunder arcade game Poke around your local movie theater next time you arrive early for a blockbuster showing. You may find a bit of arcade awesomeness lurking in the wings ;)
January 13, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Why is Nintendo's Gameboy patent update not effecting all clone manufacturers equally?

#Superman64 was trending on Twitter
I read the Retro-Bit clone is on hold in response to a Nintendo patent update, while Hyperkin is lauded for their upcoming Gameboy clone.
Hyperkin's Ultra Game Boy seems to be flourishing at the 2018 CES show, while I read Retro-Bit is putting production of their Super Retro Boy on hold to avoid conflict with Nintendo's recent patent update on Gameboy. I don't get it. Perhaps I'm misunderstanding or lacking some info, but I'd love some clarification on the Retro-bit clone. I would think any legal concerns, prompted by Nintendo's actions, would effect both company's product releases.

Both of these Gameboy clones have tremendous, yet different appeal. Articles seem to be split on whether Retro-bit's Super Retro Boy in on hold or not. Most recently, there has been a lot of reporting about their R-Type Returns project and upcoming line of SEGA-related products. I hope they can find a way to bring their Gameboy clone to market.

Hyperkin Ultra Game Boy Showing off at CES, Hyperkin's Ultra Game Boy features an aluminum case and a backlit monochrome display. As I understand it, the unit plays Gameboy cartridges, but it also caters to musicians in a most unique manner. I've read it will have an SD card slot - NOT for ROMS - to export chiptune music!

The Gameboy in renown among the consoles-are-instruments musicians. Hyperkin is even working with the devs behind Little Sound DJ to include composing software... built in! The device also boasts stereo sound output and a price around $100. Hyperkin says it also supports Gameboy Color games, but not the GBC color pallet... interesting.
Retro-Bit Super Retro Boy Retro-Bit Super Retro Boy expands the gaming options with support for Gameboy, Gameboy Color, and Gameboy Advance while still retaining the Gameboy look and feel. I hope they can find a way to release this version - I love GBA games and it was to be priced around $80!

I'm excited for both of these Gameboy options - including some form of Gameboy Classic Edition mini console from Nintendo themselves. However, the idea of multiple platforms combined on the Super Retro Boy and the chiptune capability with Hyperkin's version, makes me want them both. Still I wonder about the disparity between these two companies and one holding off while the other displays at CES.
January 12, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

I'm excited to see the Teen Titans movie with a full length plot on the big screen

#Superman64 was trending on Twitter
Too often series like this announce a "movie" that's simply a few episodes strung together. This is actually destined for the big screen!
#Superman64 was trending on Twitter I'll admit the re-runs of Teen Titans get fairly annoying on Cartoon Network, but I loved this series when it premiered in the Summer of 2003. My son and I couldn't get enough of this show when it came out on DVD and we even enjoyed the THQ video game for Gamecube (also on PS2). It was an average beat-em-up style game, but the unique Titan characters kind of won us over!

It took a while for me to adjust (and accept) the Teen Titans Go version of the show. As I saw it, the characters were re-imagined in a much more child-like manner - more of a Toddler Titans sort of approach. Cartoon Network did the same thing with Scooby Doo. I'm not a fan of this style, but the new Teen Titans finally won us over.

I'm hoping the longer format of Teen Titans Go To The Movies will create a more engaging story, running for the duration of the movie. It can be harder to create the same cohesion when each episode is less than 15 minutes. I'm hoping the movie format benefits the storytelling aspect... and it's kickass-ness :)
January 12, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Denied a PS4 copy of Night trap this past Summer, I snatched one during Limited Run's blowout sale

Night Trap for PS4
Over the summer, Night Trap was hyped intensely across social media and they sold out instantly!
As soon as I heard that Night Trap was coming to PS4 via Limited Run Games, I wondered if it would be sold under their usual first-come first-served sale beginning at 10am. I suspected it might and I grew worried. Having purchased several games from them, I've never had any sold-out issues, but Night Trap is different.

They bring physical copies of games to modern platforms. I love physical games, as opposed to soulless downloads, and love what Limited Run brings to gaming! But the popularity of Night Trap from it's roots as one of the first games to employ full-motion video to the establishment of the ESRB ratings board as a result of the game's controversy - this game would sell out fast!

When Limited Run Games announced their New Year's Day blow-out sale, I saw Night Trap listed - both the standard and special edition versions. I thought I might have a better chance this second time. In the end I was able to get a copy of the standard edition. I circled back to see if I could snag, the limited edition release too, but in those precious seconds... it sold out.

Night Trap characters The standard edition of Night Trap shipped and arrived a few days ago and I'm beyond stoked to have this game. It feels like a part of video game history! I remember all the controversy and Dana Plato's career at the time of it's original release. I also picked up the documentary film about Night Trap.
January 11, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Trump proudly announces delivery of Call Of Duty F-55 planes ahead of Schedule

Having confused quantities with model numbers, our bumbling President also knows little about video games :)
In his usual style of misunderstanding combined with ignorance, President Trump announced delivery of F-52 jets... a plane no one makes. OK, that's not entirely true. Activision features an F-52 plane in it's 2014 installment of the popular FPS Call Of Duty.

"In November, we started delivering the first F-52s and F-35 fighter jets. We have a total of 52 and they've delivered a number of them already a little ahead of schedule," Trump said.

trump's F52 made by Activision
January 11, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

#Superman64 was trending on Twitter and it turned out to be an #N64 reference

Apparently someone on Twitch broke the world speed-run record for Superman on the N64.
It's not often you see a nominal N64 game title trending on social media. I saw this one on Twitter and wondered how Superman 64 could be suddenly so popular. Just another world speed run record being broken... Cool!

#Superman64 was trending on Twitter
January 11, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Fire Tiger has a new 80s inspired album out called Suddenly Heaven

Fire Tiger's 2018 album, Suddenly Heaven, releases today on iTunes and Google Play or go retro and order the CD!
I really liked their first album, Energy, after discovering them on social media. They have a classic 80's sound and remind me of clubbing bak in the day, You can listen to some samples on the Fire Tinger website, and buy the CD.

I dig this band and you might too if you like finding a new band with a vibe from the best decade ever - the 80s!

Fire Tiger's album Suddenly Heaven
January 10, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

The Retro Fighters Combo Controller for Nintendo's Switch is available for pre-order

Retro Fighters Combo Controller
Having extensively played with Retro Fighter's NES controller, I'm very excited for their Switch controller!
We are very excited about Retro Fighters Combo Controller for Nintendo's Switch... and not just because of the cool neon blue color. These guys make a quality product! Having used their NES controller, I'm confident the Switch Combo Controller will be a solid, high quality controller.

Like their former NES controller (they made a slick N64 controller too) the Switch Combo Controller is a wired device, also compatible with Mac and PC - bonus! Like the Joy Cons, Retro Fighters controller has a built-in gyro.

My favorite aspect of this controller is the inclusion of shoulder/trigger buttons. This is similar to the NES model that provided many options for controlling your games. As a player, you simply need to experiment a bit to see which buttons work best for your style of play. I'm assuming the same is true of the Combo controller. I see it as a device that will expand on the options contained in Nintendo's Joy Cons.

The pre-order is open and these neon blue gems can be ordered through Amazon or Castlemania Games.

Retro Fighters Combo Controller
Retro Fighters Combo Controller
January 9, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

As a fan, I made assumptions about Bella Thorne without knowing how bave she is. I'm glad she spoke out.

Social media trains us to be critical, defensive, and reactive, when we should be interested, engaged, and compassionate.
Bella Thorne From actors to musicians we tend to become fans based on their public works, creations, and contributions. Through this fandom we begin to feel as though we "know" these people and align with various aspects of their lives. Social media gives fans unprecedented access to celebrities, which furthers the notion we "know" these people. We don't. You don't. I don't. None of us know them and that's how it should be. Admire your favorite celebrity and get to know the people in your daily life.

Everyone has their private lives and celebrities do too. I have a whole new appreciation for Bella Thorne after she spoke out about her abuse. Such a brave thing to do. If you're a fan of anyone, don't assume things about them. The amazing lives they lead may not be as perfect as things seem. Send positive energy. You may be having a better day than they are.

Be cool. Be positive. Take long breaks from social media. Read a book :)

Bella Thorne
Bella Thorne
January 9, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

If you like top-down shooters like Smash TV, check out the Xeno Crisis Kickstarter for Genesis and Dreamcast

I love what I'm seeing with Xeno Crisis as a top-down 16-bit shooter!
Xeno Crisis for Genesis and Dreamcast I came across Xeno Crisis Kickstarter, created by Bitmap Bureau, and was instantly drawn to it's similarity to games like Smash TV. The top-down game-play and frantic shooting brings back a lot of 90s video game memories. It has a great look and feel for games of the Genesis era.

The game is available as a Genesis Cartridge (with a CIB option), downloadable ROM, and a Dreamcast CD. Being a modern homebrew game, it contains procedural map generation and randomisation of gameplay elements. One of the stretch goals is a Nintendo Switch port - which has been met. I'd love to have this on the Switch, but I'd also like that Genesis cart in my hand!

Check out the video and see if you want to back this awesome looking game. The Xeno Crisis Kickstarter is quickly nearing it's end, so check it out soon!

Xeno Crisis for Genesis and Dreamcast
January 8, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Whether Lindsay Lohan should be in the next Batgirl movie isn't the issue

I'm sure Lindsay could pull off "Batgirl" as well as the next actress. But is asking for it all it takes?
Lindsay Lohan wants to be in Whedon's Batgirl film Has Hollywood casting been reduced to a tweet? Is Trump's insistance to relegating the presidency to a series of misplaced Tweets the new way to conduct business? A popularity contest, via re-tweets, will cast Batgirl?

If that's all it takes... tell Joss Whedon I want to be in his Batgirl film!!

Lindsay Lohan tweeted she wants to be in Whedon's Batgirl film
January 8, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

I'll always take a bookshelf full of games, CDs and DVDs over an SD card or wifi stream

Just as we're told digital games will be the downfall of brick and mortar game stores, GameStop wants in on the DL action.
GameStop wants in on the DL action When GameStop emails me to encourage me to buy digital games from them, I see the hastening of disappearing physical media. I can easily buy games digitally without going through GameStop. Additional PowerUp points aren't very motivating to me.

I don't need a middleman when most digital sales come from my game console's online shop. Then there's the physical trade-in line. Sorry GS, I'm not trading in hardware and games to earn credit for digital games.

I wouldn't convert my CDs to MP3 and sell off the physical discs. Like music, video games are equal parts art as they are entertainment. From the in-game style to the packaging, it's what makes the physical product more valuable to someone like myself.

Physical games can be traded in at places like GameStop or auctioned for far better deals. The same can't be said for digital games. They can't be sold in the same manner, if at all. As we descend into the abyss where nothing is owned... we pay for access to things.

That's not worth as much to me and accordingly digital games were lower in price due to the lack of packaging and distribution to store shelves. But lately, digital games have been creeping up in price. They're beginning to come way too close to the physical release.

I'm certain that price will rise and become the norm and we'll forget the value of a game cartridge or disc and cheerfully wallow in a more rigid gaming environment because that's all we're given.

The youth of today are content to stream music, movies and games because that's all they know. I'll take a shelf full of games, CDs and DVDs over an SD card any day.
January 7, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Blake's 7 is a new point & click adventure video game for Oric computers

Blake's 7 point & click adventure game for the Oric
This past Fall, a new game, Blake's 7, was released for 48k Oric computers with a microdisc unit and for emulators.
Blake's 7 logo It warms my heart to see how much love the homebrew community has for classic consoles and computers. I've enjoyed many games for the Atari 2600 and Nintendo's NES that were designed in the last few years for consoles that were decades old.

Nintendo's release of NES and SNES mini consoles has proven the appeal of retro gaming, but we already knew that. In fact, it isn't just the popular selling consoles that boast active homebrew developers.

Blake's 7 characters I'm much more console-focused, but the developer reached out to me about Blake's 7 and I love the visual style and the fact that the Oric is somewhat obscure. Retro Gamer Magazine gave Blake's 7 a 93% review score! If you enjoy this style of point & click gaming, you should definitely give Josť "Chema" Enguita's game a try!

If this title sounds familiar you may remember Blake's 7 was a British scifi show produced by the BBC and televised in 1978. It was a low budget series. but became quite popular and stood up due to it's dystopian story line, good characters, ambiguous morality, and dark tone.

Blake's 7 point & click adventure game for the Oric For me this is a wake-up call in terms of where I look for retro video games. The proliferation of emulators lets most of us experience games (new and old) for nearly any console or computer. The best games don't exclusively exist on the most popular platforms. Look around You may be surprised at the gems you find!

The Defense Force website, hosting the Blake's 7 info, also features a Space 1999 game for Oric. I loved that show and I'm excited to check out this game as well!

Oric computer Tangerine Computer Systems developed the Oric line of home computers in the early 1980s. The line had a short life, but enjoyed some success on the heels of the Spectrum computers.
January 6, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Reliving the awesomeness of Breaking Bad with AMC's 10-year Anniversary Marathon!

Such an amazing show in so many ways and the "Better Call Saul" spin-ff was crazy cool too!
I totally missed Breaking Bad when it first aired. A few years ago, AMC ran a continuous 24-7 marathon of Walter White's escapades - might have been the 5-year mark. I was quickly addicted. Such a great show!

During that marathon, AMC ran it day and night for a week or so. I'd turn it on when I got home from work and doze off around 2AM. The next day at work, we watched it on a large screen via a projector. Good fun, but I missed a lot of episodes when I slept. This time around it's only a few hours each weekend - a much saner schedule. Now I get to see a lot more of it! Still packs a punch with every episode!

Breaking Bad's 10-year Anniversary Marathon
January 6, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

So, yeah, I'm just going to load up Windows 95 on my Gameboy

There's something sinister about this image, but I like it a lot!
I'd be terrified if I fired up my Gameboy and saw a Windows load screen, but I've loved emulators for the oddity of running a different OS on a device.

Windows 95 on my Gameboy
January 6, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

She's an insanely creative cosplayer and beat my high score on Space Invaders Frenzy

MRyuu Lavitz on the Space Invaders Frenzy high score board Ryuu Lavitz Arcade
Regardless of your talents and pursuits, everyone should develop their Space Invaders Frenzy skills :)
Very often I forget how diverse people are. Too often I make assumptions based on very little information.

I've always been impressed with cosplayers and the amazing costumes they come up with. Some incorporate technology along with a keen sense of sewing. but everything they create comes from a passion for the character they portray. One of my favorites is Ryuu Lavitz. Check out her work on her Facebook page!

Its good to remeind ourselves that we are all very different, but not all that different. Many of us like Space Invaders in it's many forms :)

Ryuu Lavitz cosplay Ryuu Lavitz cosplay.

January 6, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

#stableGenius or #unstableMoron?

Wolff's book, Fire And Fury, has Trump's shortcomings on every newscast. In response Trump described himself as a stable genius.
Michael Wolff's anti-Trump book, Fire And Fury I'm sure this book is equal parts BS along with the ugly truth, but even 50% accuracy should be enough to wake people up to Trump's inability to conduct himself or accomplish anything.

Face it, he's a dope. Every time he speaks in public, he demonstrates his lack of understanding. This guy is straight-up dumb!

The notion that he only ran for Office to boost his brand seems like a strange truth that few have really considered. He probably wanted to win the election as much as anyone else wanted him to. He's a game show host who wanted to give his side business a boost. In the end, the US got screwed. I hope this book ends him.

Trump drinks a dozen Diet Cokes each day
January 5, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

I'm dying to snag a copy of Edgar Contero's Meddling Kids book

Laden with references to the Mystery Gang, this novel adds a bit more reality to crime solving.
I'll be so sad if this book isn't awesome. The reviews seem good and I dig the concept. Here's hoping!

Edgar Contero's Meddling Kids book
January 5, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

A fake excerpt from the anti-Trump book, Fire And Fury, gave false hope for The Gorilla Channel

The world needs a Gorilla Channel and an impeachment.
The Gorilla Channel on a Predicta TV Michael Wolff's new book focused on the Trump Whitehouse, Fire and Fury has dominated the news for much of the week as excerpts made eyes widen and journalists scramble for corroborating sources.

The reality of Trump has most people thinking he's completely unfit to run a small business, and unable to comprehend The Presidency. A book purporting to contain stories confirming his stupidity has many folks speculating about it's content prior to it's release today.

As people wondered why The Gorilla Channel was trending on Twitter, A parado account on Twitter Pixelboat released the following fake book excerpt. And then Netflix got in on the joke.

Pixelatedboat's fake excerpt from the anti-Trump book, Fire And Fury

The internet began to believe that Trump watches The Gorilla Channel all day long. Sounds like something he'd do. As it turns out, many wanted to watch this channel and Netflix jumped into the fray.

Pixelatedboat's fake excerpt from the anti-Trump book, Fire And Fury
January 5, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Disney Channel has a new musical movie coming in February, Z-O-M-B-I-E-S and it's Zoms vs Poms

Disney original movie - Zombies
While I doubt it will charm in the same vein as Lollipop chainsaw, I dig Meg Donnelly from American Housewife.
This sounds risky - a musical Zombie film? But I'll give it a chance since I'm a fan of ABC's American Housewife where Meg Donnelly plays a snarky Westport teen. Besides, how can you resist singing & dancing zombies vying for equal treatment in the public school system?

Look for ZOMBIES on Disney Channel on February 16!

From Deadline's website:
Disney Channel's original movie stars Milo Manheim as the life-challenged Zed and Meg Donnelly as rah-rah girl Addison at Seabrook High. The school is the pride of their suburban town, which is preoccupied with uniformity, traditions, football, pep rallies and cheerleading championships.

That is until students from Zombietown integrate into the school and chaos erupts as human and zombie students struggle to coexist. It now will take courage and a budding friendship between Addison and Zed to help unite their high school and community. And remember: Zed's dead, baby.
January 5, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Who flips the bird best on #NationalBirdDay?

Today is National Bird Day whether you prefer them on your feeder or making a bold statement.
It's not possible for me to pick just one from this group - no way. I was infatuated with the Flappy Bird mobile game, but my allegiance will always be with the Ostriches of William's Joust. As for Rap-Rock, you can't get much better than Die Antwoord, and Yolandi Visser is beyond wickedly unique.

Almost-Kardashian, Kendall Jenner always flips the bird for the paparazzi who trail after her. She puts up her message whether modeling around the globe or cruising the LA Freeways in one of her classic cars. She has amazing taste in old cars!

Last, but not least, I miss the old Miley Cyrus - not the Hanna Montana gal, but the ruthless "Bangers" chick who feared nothing and does things HER way. I admire that very much. Newer "Malibu" Miley has a softer edge, but we know the Wrecking Ball gal who refuses to conform is still driving her to do cool things!

Today is National Bird Day
January 4, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

While watching CNN's The Lead I couldn't help noticing the Minecraft mug on Jake Tapper's desk

Minecraft mug on Jake Tapper's desk
While home during today's #BoomCyclone storm, I got a kick out of seeing a Creeper mug on a CNN set!
Minecraft mug on Jake Tapper's desk I've been a fan of Jake Tapper's show, The Lead on CNN, but I'm rarely home to catch it in the afternoons. Today's blizzard ended my workday early, so I went home to see about catching some of the news shows I rarely get to see.

The Lead with Jake Tapper is one of the shows I like watching and the power stayed on long enough to see the whole show. I was working from home and occasionally glancing over at the TV.

One such glance, I could swear I saw a Minecraft Creeper mug on Jake Tapper's desk. Further inspection revealed there was indeed a Creeper mug on set.

Next, I was determined to see him take a swig from it. No such luck. Always the consumate journalist, he never touched it. I must be late to the game on this one - I wish I could watch The Lead more often - he mentioned a few months ago that the Creeper mug was a gift from his son. Very cool! :)
January 3, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Mulder and Scully are back on the tube tonight for the next season of The X-Files

The X-Files
I'm excited for another foray into the unknown, but must it air at the same time as Riverdale? Let's not discuss DVR!
Before anyone suggests I DVR one of the shows, let me say I never did that when recording shows on video cassettes in the 80s. I usually sat there watching the show while it recorded. I know... I'm old school to the point of detriment.

But I don't intend on changing. I dig my retro ways! I don't want to stream TV and watch whatever I want whenever I want. That's no fun. I loved waiting another week to see what would happen to Steve Austin on The Six Million Dollar Man or to discover how Quincy would save the day from the ME's lab. And lets not forget that Fridays were for Miami Vice! Its just the way TV works.

OK, I do stream some TV and I adore my PS4, but I like structuring my life around things. If I can do anything anytime I want, I'd get lost in the big world and wouldn't know what to do. Re-runs will solve my X-Files / Riverdale dilema. See? Problem solved.

You'll have to excuse me while I go fire up my Atari 2600 for a few rounds of Asteroids and Space Invaders... maybe even some Missile Command. Old school is a pretty good deal. Put down your tablet and give it a try :)
January 3, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

After assuming I'd never find Super Mario Cereal, there was a stash at my local grocery store

Super Mario Cereal at Stop & Shop
I'm pretty stoked to have found a few boxes complete with power-up marshmallows and a built-in amiibo.
Nintendo cereal isn't a new concept. They have released several varieties over the years. What separates 2017's Super Mario Cereal is the built-in amiibo function found in every box! Just as you'd place an amiibo figure on your Gamepad or Switch, you can do the same thing with this cereal box.

Regardless of this being a typical kiddie-cereal laden with sugar, we think this packaging is pretty darn cool! It's food. It's an amiibo. I'm loving this! Thanks, Nintendo and Kellogg's!

The amiibo is advertised as being compatible with Super Mario Odyssey, but some have reported results in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Adding to your gaming infatuation, Super Mario Cereal features a maze and trivia questions on the back of the box. Keep an eye out... if I can find it at my local supermarket, it must be in fairly wide distribution.

Best of all - each box was $2.50!

Super Mario Cereal
January 2, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

The World Health Organization draft positions “Video Games” as a scapegoat for delinquency

World Health Organization acknowledges gaming disorder
The initial drafts are not final, but the WHO seems to be targeting “Video Games” as a cause rather than understanding any behavior can become addictive.
Those who've been around a while know that "video games" have been targeted by the media as the scapegoat for any and all atrocities from school shootings to lesser delinquency. It's easier to point a finger at electronic entertainment rather than update antiquated gun laws. Just say the perpetrator played violent video games and there's no longer any need to treat mental illness - just let it stew.

Video Games are a form of electronic entertainment, not a disorder!
Too often the easy solution - right or wrong - is the way our society tends to lean. So, when news starts breaking that the World Health Organization (WHO) is adding Gaming disorder to it's International Compendium of Diseases. While this may be an insignificant addition, the generic approach is worrisome to me.

If you look at the language they use, they call out video games as an activity that could become addictive. From this, they loosely assume video games are a cause. As I see it - anything can become addictive. Addiction is the issue, not video games!

Having seen several cycles of video games" being vilified as a cause of bad behavior, this WHO draft including gaming disorder seems like a strange focus. Clearly addiction and mental health issues need to be addressed, but specifically calling attention to video games seems suspicious. Anything you do to extremes or to the detriment of your health & well-being is a problem, but how do video games fit in?

The problem is addition - regardless of the addiction itself. Every time we begin to see progress in teaching society that gaming is a multi-billion dollar industry, they seem to forget and align it as a gateway to deviant actions. Everyone plays video games - citizens, teachers, criminals, circus clowns... everyone!

Mental illness is a disorder, Pac-Man is not!
No one should attach gaming to bad behavior. Bad behavior stems from issues, but Pac-Man and Call Of Duty aren't the culprits. Wise up folks - the WHO, along with mainstream media, need to be reminded that mental illness wasn't invented by Atari and gaming is a pastime that could become addictive, but video games are not the problem.

People are doing crazy stuff - insane crimes. Lets not blame video games and close the file. I worry that this sort of scapegoating occurs in place of any desire to solve our societal problems and mental health issues. Pointing fingers at video games is not a solution!
January 1, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Having tried Mt. Dew's Holiday Brew, a DIY initiative replicated more in our kitchen

Mt. Dew's Holiday Brew combo-beverage
Our kitchen sink became ground zero for concocting Holiday Brew mix with Mt. Dew and Code Red.
I've largely cut soda out of my diet, due to it's high sugar content. A YouTube video showing how well carbonated soda acts as a toilet cleaner also had an impact. Still, I get the urge for a Mt. Dew now and then.

During the holiday, my son and I discovered Mt. Dew's Holiday Brew at a local convenience store and decided to try it. To be truthful, we snuck two bottles into the movies to add a bit more pizzaz to Jumanji. While not a stellar release, this film was greatly enhanced by Holiday Brew.

Make Mt. Dew Holiday Brew At Home

Unable to find two-liter bottles of Holiday brew, we decided to make our own. The bottle's packaging confessed it's little more than a mix of Mt. Dew and Code Red, so why not mix up a batch at home? We snagged a two-liter bottle of each and headed home to make a mess.

Unsure of the exact mixture we went with a 50-50% of each. I poured half of the Mt. Dew bottle into a measuring cup with a spout, then poured half the Code Red into the Mt. Dew bottle. The final step was pouring the Mt. Dew from the measuring cup (the spout was very helpful) into the Code Red bottle. This left us with two 2-litter bottles of Holiday Brew!

I'm sure there are better mix percentages to tweak the flavor, but 50-50 seems to create the least mess, letting you use the original containers and only have to clean up one container. This concoction lent well to quenching thirst during our retro gaming sessions. Go mix up a batch!

Jumanji movie stand-up promo
January 1, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Retro-Bit announces upcoming R-Type Compilation for SNES, R- Type Returns

Retro-Bit announces R-Type Returns
R-Type Returns will be a limited edition SNES cartridge produced in conjunction with developers at Irem.
If Nintendo's release of the SNES Classic Edition didn't prompt you to fire up your original Super Nintendo console, perhaps this release from Retro-Bit will do the trick. This cartridge (limited to one thousand units) will contain both Super R-Type and R-Type III: The Third Lightning.

This limited edition includes a collectible retail box, full-color manual, limited edition lithographs, certificate of authenticity, an original sticker collection and an exclusive Limited Edition Pin.

Neither price or release date have been set, although it is slated to appear in 2018. The game will be available via CastleMania Games, so check in to see when this title's information becomes available.

Super R-Type by Irem for SNES Super R-Type by Irem for SNES was released in September 1991. It was released on the Wii Virtual Console in 2008. One of the two included titles on Retro-Bit's R-Type Returns!
R-Type III by Irem & Jaleco for SNES Released in December 1993 for Famicom/SNES, R-Type III by Irem & Jaleco also appeared on Gameboy Advance and Wii Virtual Console. One of the two included titles on Retro-Bit's R-Type Returns!