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March 22, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Toys R Us halts liquidation sale. Hope rises like a phoenix. Nope, they're doing it tomorrow

Toys R Us halts liquidation sale
Was Toys R Us saved at the last minute? Did they find their white knight? Nope. They can't even get liquidating right.
Eager shoppers seeking great saving s and deals galore began lining up at Toys R Us locations across the country. Word had gotten out that the sales would beging Thursday and people came out in force. Unfortunately, they were confronted by signs saying it was postponed.

When I hear that, I assumed some investor had come along at the midnight hour to rescue the beloved toy chain. A world without Geoffrey just isn't the same. Alas, we'll have to deal with that reality.

For a brief moment, I thought there was a reprieve... alas, there is not.
News began circulating about angry vendors trying to halt liquidation in hopes of retrieving their products that TRU has yet to pay for.Seeing all those $35 Barbie dolls fly out the door for $2 is a tough pill to swallow after TRU executives took their millions of dollars in bonus money and left the company to falter. Giants like Mattel and Hasbro want to be paid more than pennies on the dollar for all the inventory sitting in TRU stores.

The liquidation will happen. Many say it Friday will be the day. Time will tell, but all signs point to it happening soon and the chain closing forever.

Coincidentally, news of KB Toys making a comeback are now circulating. It's an odd world out there...

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