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September 2018 Retro Gaming Article

September 17, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Opcode is taking Colecovision to the next level with their OMNI game console

Collectorvision Phoenix is an upcoming FPGA ColecoVision console
While Collectorvision are making a Colecovision clone, Opcode seems to be making a new console, later compatible with other games, Coleco included.
Described as a new game console for those who love Atari era games, is a coy way of not specifying a platform. Is this not a clone. Most modern systems that play vintage games are platform specific. We see a lot of NES clones that will play the bulk of the NES game library. Might the OMNI he a hybrid? and FPGA-based system with various cores? What is it?

The OMNI is being designed by renowned video game designer Ted Mayer who worked on the Intellivision and Intellivision II. Yet there's no mention of this being an INTY clone.

The OMNI won't compete with modern consoles, but seems to be a contender in the retro gaming market. It appears to be aiming for a $180 price point upon delivery.

Opcode got their start porting games to Colecovision as well as creating new homebrew games for the system. When I was a kid with an Atari 2600,I always envied the Colecovision as a powerful system for arcade ports. Opcode's Super Game Module, for the Colecovision, only made it better (debuting in 2012) with a wider selection of great games, many of which are arcade ports. Thus Opcode has a lot of Coleco knowledge. Will this apply directly to the OMNI?

A few specs relayed on Twitter
  • 8-bit CPU
  • 32KB of RAM
  • Tile and sprite based
  • 1616 sprites
  • 64 sprites on screens simultaneously
  • 8 colors per object
  • A dozen different color palettes
  • VROM in cartridge, like Nintendo did with the NES
We look forward to discovering more about the OMNI as the project moves forward.

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