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January 4, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

While watching CNN's The Lead I couldn't help noticing the Minecraft mug on Jake Tapper's desk

Minecraft mug on Jake Tapper's desk
While home during today's #BoomCyclone storm, I got a kick out of seeing a Creeper mug on a CNN set!
Minecraft mug on Jake Tapper's desk I've been a fan of Jake Tapper's show, The Lead on CNN, but I'm rarely home to catch it in the afternoons. Today's blizzard ended my workday early, so I went home to see about catching some of the news shows I rarely get to see.

The Lead with Jake Tapper is one of the shows I like watching and the power stayed on long enough to see the whole show. I was working from home and occasionally glancing over at the TV.

One such glance, I could swear I saw a Minecraft Creeper mug on Jake Tapper's desk. Further inspection revealed there was indeed a Creeper mug on set.

Next, I was determined to see him take a swig from it. No such luck. Always the consumate journalist, he never touched it. I must be late to the game on this one - I wish I could watch The Lead more often - he mentioned a few months ago that the Creeper mug was a gift from his son. Very cool! :)

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