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April 2018 Retro Gaming Article

April 30, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Avengers Infinity War is breaking box office records and driving up the price of the Defender handheld video game

Defender handheld video game
Groot seemed to have an affinity for the retro handheld and it's price is rising on eBay.
If you are adamantly against any and all spoilers, you may want to leave, but I'm not sure a cup-topper really divulges a whole lot of info. But I'll leave that up to you.

Defender handheld video game Reagal Cinemas had a few perks for Avengers movie-goers from a printed booklet to a cup-topper with Groot. I saw pics of the cup-topper and he was in an odd pose - definitely holding something. After viewing the movie, we discover Groot has an addiction to a handheld Defender video game. So, I'm assuming that's what he's holding in the topper pic. I love that tie-in!

Much like the recent surge in Adventure video game cartridges for the Atari 2600 due to it's inclusion in the Ready Player One movie, this Defender handheld is getting pricey on eBay. Nothing like a celebrity endorsement to make any product suddenly valuable... even when a CG tree takes to an old handheld video game.

From Screen Crush (spoilers):
Throughout the entire film, Teen Groot is obsessed with a handheld video game. In a brief cutaway, we see that he's playing Defender, an Atari classic where your job is to protect Earth from alien invaders. Obviously the game is an allusion to the plot of Infinity War, but the name defender also evokes the Defenders comic which, unlike the Netflix series, traditionally features Infinity War characters like Doctor Strange and the Hulk.

Defender handheld video game Defender handheld game.
Defender handheld video game I found some great pix of this classic Defender handheld game on the Junk Save website.

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