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October 2018 Retro Gaming Article

October 25, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

The Atari Pong Table evolved from a hobby into an electro-mechanical game of Pong

The Atari Pong table
Without screens or digital software, these two variations deliver an amazing game or Pong via motors, rails, pulleys, and magnets!
What began as a fun idea has become a revolutionary update to one of the earliest video games, Pong! Without the electronics or displays behind arcade games, the Atari Pong Table replicates the fun of Pong with custom mechanical components. This is a whole new way to play this Atari classic!

Imagine a somewhat 3D variation of pong where the flat CRT is simply a black tabletop and the gameplay is more akin to Foosball. At first glance, you might balk at this oddity, but once you see it in action, you'll wonder how this amazing game springs to action. The custom electro-mechanical elements beneath the surface bring Pong to life in a new way that will bring friends together over a fast-paced game. Play against a friend or against the table's AI.

The Atari Pong table The game comes in two configurations- an arcade table about the height of an average coffee table and a taller cocktail model designed for standing to play. The tables are sealed, so you can spill a drink or two without worrying about the electronics.

When you're not playing, the coffee table model lets you display a clock on the scoreboard and it has four USB ports for charging your devices. The controls can be hidden behind panels to make it blend into a table rather than gaming table. A bluetooth speaker lets you bring your own playlist to the game. It has a lot of features that would make it perfect in your home! One model even sports a few cup-holders!

At this time, the manufacturer is focusing on commercial locations for both models of the Atari Pong Table. Each one has a coin mechanism, making it less suitable for home use... although you could!

Face-To-Face gaming Brings People Together

I grew up in an era when multi-player gaming meant your friends were sitting on the couch next to you. Even arcades featured co-op scenarios offering simultaneous play with your friends. Whether it was on my Atari 2600, at the arcade, or a Stragtego board on the living room table, playing games with your friends is the best!

It's a scenario that simply can't be replicated by modern networked gaming, even if you're playing with a dozen or more friends suited up with headsets. Face-to-face interaction adds a unique and vital element to all kinds of gaming from tabletops to arcades.

I love arcade games like Joust and Rampage that offer co-op play so you can team up or be adversaries. I was never any good a Foosball, but I love SuperChexx Bubble Hockey. Just add fun. In a similar way, the Atari Pong Table brings face-to-face interaction to this new way to play the classic game of Pong. This Pong Table would be a tremendous asset to an arcade, entertainment destination, or your living room. Check it out!

The Atari Pong cocktail table

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