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June 4, 2017 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

I'm not into super hero films or comics, but Wonder Woman is an epic adventure in storytelling

Wonder Woman film
Not knowing much about her backstory, I thought the film did a great job of putting her character in context - very cool flick!
I remember watching the Lynda Carter Wonder Woman series on TV in the mid 70s. It was kind of corny, but an enjoyable show I remember watching despite a change in networks and a total re-casting except for Carter.

Wonder Woman Collection on DVD With no idea what to expect, I set out to my local theater primarily on good reviews I'd read. Super hero movies tend to be very good or dreadful - no middle ground. I have a pretty high tolerance for bad films and the theater has a small arcade, so I figured this would be a win one way or another.

After a game of Time Crisis 4, I rolled into the theater for the festive array of commercials - all telling me to turn off my phone. I've seen the Baby Driver trailer a few times on the big screen and I'm amped for it. There's something about car stunts that I love - except for Fast And Furious.

I liked the back story and how they introduced Gidot's character and it blended so well into the main storyline. Some of the effects were a bit too over-the-top, but it was a fun movie to watch with an engagingly serious plot. A nice mix.

I should admit that I loved Suicide Squad. As mentioned, I don't read super hero comics - unless you consider Tank Girl a super hero - so I don't have any preconceived notions. I think a lot of people are harsh on film versions of comic heros due to Hollywood's misunderstanding of the stories fans are expecting. Whether Marvel or DC is behind a film, there are a hundred industry fat-cats who don't know or care about anything but ROI.

I highly recommend Wonder Woman for it's ability to tell a story with a serious edge and lots of action, but nicely mingled with some humor in all the right spots. Gal Gidot does a great job as Diana, from epic battles to heartfelt compassion.

Should you need an erotic take on the traditional story, you may want to check out porn star Tori Black as Wonder Woman in a porn parody version of Wonder Woman's plight. Tori Black as Wonder Woman

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