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May 26, 2017 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Star Wars reached it's 40th anniversary, but was like any unknown sci-fi flick in ‘77

Star Wars
Today it's easy to see how Star Wars has taken on a cultural dominance, but who knew back in 1977?
I loved Star Wars when I saw it at a theater, by Tyson's Corner in Virginia, in 1977. My Mom took me to see it and I was enthralled by the sights, sounds, and adventure. It contained all the right elements to be a spectacular movie for a little kid like myself. As time marched on, it's easy to see why the Star Wars universe has enchanted the masses, but like any successful franchise, it began with an unheard of film.

The New York Time published an interesting article looking back at how the film was received and reviewed in the late seventies, before it became a huge success. Take a look at The First 'Star Wars' Through The Times for an interesting look at what people thought about Star Wars when it was first released.

Vanity Fair - Luke and Leia Vanity Fair - Luke and Leia.
Vanity Fair - Leia Vanity Fair - Leia

Vanity Fair's images of Carrie Fisher are spectacular and a wonderful way to remember a Princess who led us through an amazing series of stories!

Star Wars 40th anniversary

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