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May 28, 2017 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

With Arnold returning to Terminator with James Cameron as producer, who else might appear?

I'm hoping the Terminator franchise will be properly resurrected with the return of James Cameron.
While finding plenty to like across the various Terminator films, like many fans, the first two films resound most with me. The idea of James Cameron returning to the franchise with Arnold Schwarzenegger really fires me up for another time traveling adventure with Cyberdyne.

Cameron, who seems mired in Avatar sequels will once again have rights to the Terminator franchise in 2019 and Arnold will seemingly star in it. He made mention of this at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival.

As the franchise rolled forward, I've found a lot of great elements to it, despite a real passion for the Cameron era. I really enjoyed the televised part of the story via the Sarah Connor Chronicles. I was sad it only lasted two seasons.

Fans seem quite excited to see a new film with Cameron at the helm. It sounds like he'll be producing (not directing?) but reports indicate he wants to return and has some good ideas. Some are speculating he might make a sequel that fits in after T2 Judgment Day. We're excited for it and hope the resurgence will inspire merchandising for the film. A video game would be tremendous! I'm a sucker for tie-in toys and games - bring it on!

Ariel Rebel as a Terminator I saw this pic of Ariel Rebel (NSFW) in a perfect "Terminator" pose and couldn't resist. Apocalyptic Ariel Rebel

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