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April 2017 Retro Gaming Article

April 23, 2017 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Tecmo Cleveland is putting “Sports” into eSports with a Tecmo Superbowl tournament

Tecmo Cleveland Tecmo Superbowl tournament
Have you noticed the top games in eSports center around Orcs, street fights, and military strategies? Tecmo Cleveland knows sports.
Tecmo Cleveland Tecmo Superbowl tournament Even if you've been watching the eSports segment of the video Game Industry grow, you may still be surprised to learn it's poised to become a multi-billion dollar industry. These massive events grew from smaller tournaments and those operating them who sought a larger audience and global scale.

As pricey endorsements and professional teams competing on ESPN become the norm, there are still many smaller tournaments focused on the love of old games that are just plain fun! Some of these games even date back to some of our favorite retro game consoles.

From local bars to conference halls, gaming tournaments are an ever-popular and growing trend. I was recently contacted by a group that has an upcoming tournament focused on an old Nintendo NES favorite AND it's an actual "sports" game!
Tecmo Cleveland - Tecmo Superbowl tournament

Tecmo Cleveland Superbowl - Coming This Summer

Tecmo Cleveland has been growing for several years and is hitting the big-time this August with a Tecmo Superbowl tournament in Cleveland, OH. You can register to participate on their website as well as find out all the details for this event.

Of particular interest is the stipulation that this is a 100% emulation-free event. The tournament runs on real Nintendo NES consoles and controllers. From the feel of inserting a game cartridge to wired controllers, authentic retro gaming is their mantra.

You might even find a few Cleveland Browns players or legacies attending for appearances and/or autographs. Sounds like a cool event focused on a terrific NES game and Football is definitively a sport ;)

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