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June 2017 Retro Gaming Article

June 29, 2017 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Break out Mario Paint, Hyperkin is bringing back the SNES Mouse at a great price

Hyperkin SNES Mouse
Even if you aren't into Mario Paint, the SNES Mouse supports several dozen SNES titles. Great price - go for it!
In a gaming era long long ago, nearly every game console purported to have an upgrade path to become more "computer-like". From Atari's consoles to Mattel's Intellivision, keyboards were the hot add-on item... that really never made an impact. Years later, a mouse arrived for Nintendo's SNES. Bundled with Mario Paint, this mouse was compatible with a large number of SNES titles.

Hyperkin SNES Mouse With the recent news of the Retron77 console from Hyperkin, they certainly maintain a diverse product line. They have announced a reboot of the SNES Mouse with a retail price of $20. Called, the SNES Hyper Click Retro Style Mouse, it may have been inspired by Nintendo's upcoming SNES Micro console (Fall release) raising SNES awareness.

Regardless, this is a cool accessory to reappear for the SNES. It will be compatible with your original hardware as well as the SNES clones - some manufactured by Hyperkin. It's also compatible with over 60 SNES games!

Hyperkin's SNES Hyper Click Retro Style Mouse is an optical device and has a six-foot cable with a standard SNES controller connection. Keep an eye out - you can purchase it direct from Hyperkin and Amazon has a listing as well.

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