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March 2017 Retro Gaming Article

March 19, 2017 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Excitement about Super Mario Run faded, but will it resume for the Android release?

Nintendo has taken a cautious approach to entering their IPs into mobile games. The mobile sector can be very fickle.
Super Mario Run Since the inception of mobile games as a viable platform, there have been two major opinions about Nintendo participation. On one side are the fanatics who believe "Mario" is a gold mine in any format and will generate oodles of profit. The other side is comprised of gamers who feel Nintendo mobile games will dilute and cheapen Nintendo's prized IPs.

The Android version of Super Mario Run is set to release on March 23 along with an iOS update. It will be interesting to compare the numbers against the iOs release late last year.

Is Nintendo Innovation Welcome In Mobile Gaming?

I think Nintendo needs to dial back their "dare to be different" attitude towards mobile. I applaud Nintendo's disinterest in directly competing with Sony and Microsoft's "bigger is better" processor mentality. The NES Classic Edition was a genius product to bring to market and the innovations with the Switch seem to be capturing plenty of retail-love.

But mobile gaming is a weird arena with no rules or even best practices. It seem like a platform where innovation isn't always recognized or appreciated in the same way Nintendo's console diversions have won fans.

I loved Mitomo, but ultimately, it didn't capture my interest over time. I still fire it up now and then, but it's predictability is stifling. It's social integration was really cool, but the level of participation seems too low to carry it.

It's FREE + $9.99

Super Mario Run Super Mario Run wants to be completely free... after you pay $9.99. I can see the appeal to a one-time payment to grant access to everything, but $10 is too high for me. Personally, mobile is a platform I use to kill time. There are plenty of free games that I can go to.

Rarely do I go to a mobile game when my goal is gaming - which does sound odd. I go to consoles when I want to "play games". There I can play for extended timeframes on a large TV. While Super Mario Run had substantial downloads, they seemed to have far fewer paid conversions.

In my opinion, staggering the iOS and Android dates didn't help. My guess is the iOS exclusivity came from enabling the game's announcement from Apple's stage at their Developer Conference. However, the satisfaction-over-time quotient for the iOS game doesn't inspire me to pay for the Android version. I already know what to expect and, on top of that, I've been denied the game for months.

I'm a Nintendo fan and I hope they can create a successful revenue stream via mobile platforms, but I'm hoping the Switch will restore gamer's faith in the brand after the Wii U was so maligned by misinformation.

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