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June 2017 Retro Gaming Article

June 8, 2017 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Way Of The Rodent's irreverence is being revived in a Book, Our-Type, and online magazine archive

Rodent's irreverence is being revived in a coffee table Book, Our-Type
If you've read the irreverent pages of WOTR, this coffee table book of collected articles from 10+ years of retro gaming may be for you!
Way Of The Rodent began in 2003 and continued onward for 94 issues taking it into the next decade. Over that time a lot of interesting articles were published with a unique flair for irreverence. I love this project and bringing back the back issues along with the coffee table book is such a great tribute to retro gaming and some great writing.

Check out Way Of The Rodent's Kickstarter for their compilation book, Our Type.

From the Way Of The Rodent Kickstarter page:
This is WayoftheRodent calling from Britain, we were the online magazine that wrote about videogames in a funny, sweary, irreverent and sometimes deeply personal way. If you liked eccentric British humour, not giving a damn for authority and got a bit emotional remembering the arcade cab that sat in the corner of your local chippy when you were 13; then you loved reading Rodent.

And now we're bringing you a lavish book of Rodent's fifty finest moments; we're calling it 'Our-Type' and it'll be the sort of art book that would be at home on Richard Branson's coffee table that he had made out of swans, diamonds and all them women he turned upside down at product launches.

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