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May 11, 2017 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

How long will it be until people forget the meaning of the term "a real page-turner"?

Hyperkin Retron HD
The demise of newspapers is not due to "getting news online" any more than eBooks are toppling book stores. People are not reading.
Andy Hunt, The Final Day at the Westfield Arcade - classic retro gaming video game book review I've loved video games since I was twelve-years-old and my friend received an Atari 2600 for Christmas. Playing Space Invaders at his house astounded and delighted me. Within weeks I weakened my parent's resolve and was the proud owner of an Atari VCS! I still made regular forays to the local bowling alley to play the arcade game, but I loved the ability to play at home.

Just as video games can take you to distant lands... so do books!
Despite this electronics deluge, and all the awesome things that came with it, video games were an addition to my list of things I loved doing. I still loved board games. Evel Knievel was my hero and I loved riding my bike with a heedful of notions about building ramps. I upgraded my cheap plastic skateboard with a sweet set of Road Rider 4's and was completely hooked on Kiss' Destroyer album. I wasn't an avid reader, but I still loved a good book.

When I think of a great page-turner, my thoughts go to any one of many Stephen King novels. I get lost in those so quickly. He paints a scene with words that envelops me and takes me into one of those dark places his stories so casually reside in. Next thing I know, time evaporates and I'm turning pages without realizing it. The story draws me in.

Atari Inc. Business Is Fun - classic retro gaming video game book review I love the convenience of online shopping, but I can browse through a book store for hours. The convenience of tablet is not lost on me, but I don't like to "read a book" on a digital device. There's a tactile element to a book that makes it much more enjoyable to me. Besides, I can't get into a plot if I'm fending off Facebook notifications, or texts, and all those emails from faceless companies vying for my attention.

Reading a good book should take you away from such annoyances and further validate an enriching reading experience over endless tiny strings of characters and those dreadful emoji things.

Reading books stimulates your mind and makes you sharper.
Everywhere I look, I see people with smartphones just inches from their faces. No one is talking - phones aren't used for that anymore - they're all typing. All this typing is spawned by tiny bits of info sent across wide networks of innumerable apps. THIS is the new "reading". Social media is a disease.

I'm convinced most people these days are not capable - by choice or otherwise - of reading more than a sentence before losing interest. I see this frequently on social media where several people will ask a question or make a point, clearly showing they've read no more than the heading without clicking the associated link. Some will even admit to 'TLDR' - Too Long Didn't Read. And if there's an acronym for it...

Racing The Beam - classic retro gaming video game book review When you can't get someone to read more than 140 characters yet they show enough initiative to respond... but won't read more than the 140 characters, that's a problem. The concept of reading has become diluted. Did you "read" on your commute to work because you saw a roadside billboard? Glancing down the headlines at is not at all similar to reading a newspaper.

If you can't remember the last book you read, but are still exacerbated by an exchange on Twitter, it may be time to visit a book store and promise yourself to find one book and read it. Once you've done that you may discover how much richer the experience is with a good book. I enjoy social media, but it cannot replace actually reading a book. Reading books makes you smarter. Reading posts on social media robs you of time better spent elsewhere.

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