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June 5, 2017 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

While Capcom is condemned for MMLC2's lone PS4 & Xbox release, it may still come to Switch

Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 coming in August
Ignoring Nintendo Switch's success and momentum seems unlikely, suggesting the Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 will arrive eventually.
When I heard about the original Mega Man Legacy Collection, I darted down to GameStop and snagged a copy for my 2DS. Had to have it and revel in the 8-bit wonders of this franchise! Later, I picked it up for PS4 to play it on a large TV.

Capcom announced the sequel to the Collection - the Mega Man Legacy Collection 2, coming in August, but only for PS4, Xbox One, and PC - no Nintendo platforms were mentioned. Excitement still mounts on several fronts, mainly the ability to play an amazing set of games on modern consoles and televisions. This gives immense validation to games that might otherwise go unnoticed by younger gamers who never experienced these games in their heyday.

It's hard to resist such a broad franchise as Mega Man when it comes to reissued games. Being able to play games spaning multiple consoles, on a single platform lends to some great gaming opportunities across the various titles. I loved the first Collection and am looking forward to the next. But not everyone feels that way.

Some Mega Man fans are lamenting (condemning Capcom) the lack of a Nintendo announcement. The Collection, slated for an August release, is coming out for PS4, Xbox One, and PC - but no 3DS or Switch announcement. While that doesn't bode well at the outset, it doesn't seem to indicate this as a permanent situation. MMLC2 may still reach one or two Nintendo products. Folks need to realize that Nintendo consoles are not like the other Generation 8 consoles. Coding for them is still a much different process.

SFII may have revealed release intricacies, causing Capcom to initially debut Mega Man to PS4 & Xbox.
It's entirely possible that Capcom wants to get the MMLC2 out this Summer to the widest possible audience. That would be the Sony and Microsoft install bases. While it may be perceived as too late in the lifecycle for the 3DS, it stands to reason the Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 will eventually be released for the Switch.

The success and momentum of the Switch can't be ignored. I have a feeling, they are pushing the game to the easiest release and tackling Switch development later. When looking at their release of Super Street Fighter II for the Switch, this experience may have led to a decision to relegate the Mega Man games to a later Switch release. I'd be shocked if the Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 didn't wind up on Switch at some point. Have faith and enjoy SFII with the Joy Cons for the time being.

Pricing SFII at $40 while the MMLC2 will debut at only $20 may be a telling factor, speaking to the ease of bringing Mega Man to the Switch. I'm confident it will happen... timing is everything.

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