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June 2017 Retro Gaming Article

June 17, 2017 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

I love seeing classic albums in stores when I remember buying them as a kid

Kiss Alive II album
I was obsessed with Kiss' first live album, so when Alive II released in 1977, I was all over it!
Kiss Alive II album Browsing through Newbury Comics the other day, I saw Kiss Alive II in the used vinyl section and memories came rushing back. This was one of the few Kiss albums I owned on both LP and cassette. I became obsessed with their first live release when a friend played it for me.

This was my first exposure to a live album and I loved the roughness and roar of the crowd. I vividly remember the excitement of buying it at Giant Music and marveling at that iconic cover shot behind the shrink-wrap.

Up until then, music was something that emerged gloriously from my Dad's stereo. I hadn't given much thought to the human involvement or how bands created the music I loved. Keep in mind I was quite young at the time :) When I saw Kiss on a TV special, I was astounded!

By the time Kiss Alive II came out, I was a manic fan of the band. My Dad bought me a copy of it on cassette, but I still loved vinyl and had to get a copy of the LP!

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