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April 5, 2017 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

I'd have tried a Switch... Pepsi should never be used as a peace offering

Can a Nintendo Switch get this hot and warp? Doubtful.
I predict the advertising industry will crumble because it's no longer possible to reach the masses when they are comprised of whiners.
Internet outrage over this Pepsi ad, with a harmony context, is becoming more and more typical in the changing landscape of recent human evolution. The Internet has gone from being a tool providing access to vast amounts of information to a soapbox from which to spew anger.

Anger is the new smart. There are no more "pats on the back" or kudos. You will never again be congratulated for a job well done. In today's social climate, outrage is perceived as smart & sexy. The ability to align oneself with like-minded intelligence has been trumped (pun intended) by the idea that we need to be vigilant and capable of converting any scenario into a vile attack on our sensibilities.

People today are morons. Embarrassing morons who lack the ability to see the big picture or have an introspective thought. We've become a reactionary society ready to pounce without a thought or a care.

Can a Nintendo Switch get this hot and warp? Doubtful. If you haven't seen Pepsi's ad, it may not have hit the mark, but the outrage and reactions are ridiculous. Pepsi said: "This is a global ad that reflects people from different walks of life coming together in a spirit of harmony, and we think that's an important message to convey."

No rational person thinks a can of soda will actually relieve tensions when protesters meet law enforcement. The ad was a metaphor. Perhaps a way to start a useful dialog. Those who saw the ad wanted to take it literally and pounce on the opportunity to deride Pepsi, Kandall Jenner and anything/anyone else they could attach to it. We live in a world of discontent and hate... mixed with a healthy dollop of stupid.

Headlines across the web identify this as the "Kendall Jenner Pepsi" ad. Congrats to Kendall for becoming so recognizable, but lets remember she was cast in this by Pepsi. She didn't produce it or create it. She appeared in it. The hatred should have been directed at the creative team and those who approved the ad's creation. But we tend to lash out at whoever is conveniently available.

Some have tried to pin this on Jenner by saying she's an adult and should know better. Most ads of this sort are not shot in a linear manner. They shoot all the footage they need and then assemble it to convey the message. Jenner may not have known how the final version would compare to what they may have told her or the shoot itself. Those trying to blame her need to realize how things work and how much better it is when people have discussions, not faceless rants on social media.

This Ugly Mentality Effects Video Games

The Kardashian clan seems to attract their own haters with ease, but this kind of senseless outrage is the new normal and applies equally to video games. No one is immune to it. Nintendo dealt with innumerable attacks on it's former Wii U console which, I feel, likely aided in it's demise.

The Switch is seeing the same moronic treatment of utter outrage at any issue that arises. An issue arose with the joy-con and Nintendo was instantly assaulted by idiots who needed to spill some rage to offset their lack of hugs. Next we have accusations of overheating and alleged bending issues. And the senseless attacks are leveled at Nintendo - even from those who own a Switch, not just the haters.

Misinformation and fake news distribution, fueled by hate and stupidity, have become normal behavior. Humanity is slowly devolving until you look at the timeline and realize it's happening quite quickly. There's not harm in pausing to think. Thinking is good. We all should do more thinking.

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