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February 2017 Retro Gaming Article

February 25, 2017 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Kendall kills it on the tonight show defeating Fallon at Defender... OK, it was charades

Kendall kills it on Defender, OK it was charades
Charades is one of those dreadful games you get roped into when your guard is down. Always insist on Defender!
I missed Kendall Jenner on the Tonight Show. Even after being able to ask Amazon's Alexa who the guests are! And still I managed to miss her appearance. I'm not a fan of that Kardashian show, but there's something about Kendall. She's swell.

Kendall & Kylie mobile game I caught her segment online and concluded a few rounds of William's Defender would have been better than charades, although she did have a flare for it and got "The Matrix" right off. Maybe my arcade fantasy has us in a 2-player Defender bout. Who knows. Did I mention she's swell?

Retro gaming makes everything better, so that's my natural "go-to" when it comes to entertainment. Just add arcade games... right? I still remember when the Electric Playhouse swapped out it's Defender cabinet for a Stargate. Good times! Many years later I'd have my own Stargate arcade cab in my living room. I wish I still did!

Anyway... I doubt any super models would actually relish hitting an arcade with me. I tend to become mesmerized when confronted with flashing lights and 8-bit wonders. So I doubt Ms. Jenner would be down for any Missile Command or Wizard of Wor. After all, she has her own mobile game just passing it's one-year anniversary.

So, I'm guessing she doesn't need the company of an arcade-junkie with pockets full of tokens... My search for Player-2 continues. lol.

Kendall kills it on Super Street Fighter II, OK it was charades Another abysmal PhotoShopped pic of Kendall on the Tonight Show with Super Street Fighter II.
Kendall kills it on Pac-Man Another abysmal PhotoShopped pic of Kendall on the Tonight Show with Pac-Man.

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