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September 2017 Retro Gaming Article

September 2, 2017 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

I love retro gaming and chose the PS4 for modern games, but I can't keep my eyes off dat Switch!

It's hard to balance out the right number of game consoles to enjoy classic games and still keep up with gaming's newest technology. I've always loved Nintendo's innovations!
A kid today, just realizing the awesomeness of video games, might have a hard time deciding which console to buy. Can there be only one? The Big Three offer a lot of options from horsepower to exclusive titles. I'm not sure how I'd even go about making that decision in today's gaming environment.

Thankfully, I don't have to worry about such decisions. Having grown up with Atari, the next big thing on my radar after the Jaguar was Sony's upcoming PlayStation. As CDs were allowing computer users to store vast amounts of data, bringing those shiny discs to a game console seemed to open up a Pandora's box of exciting possibilities. I was dying to get one... EnoS!

Even though I rely on my PS4 for modern games, I can't ignore the unique home & portable options of the Switch!
The PS2 had an enormous and terrific game library. By the time Microsoft came along with the Xbox, I'd had my fill of Microsoft Windows at work and refused to let their products into my house. I was a Mac fanatic - still am - and loved what Sony had achieved in gaming. I kept up with their consoles up to and including the PS4. Sony was my go-to solution for modern games.

At the same time I kept up with Nintendo as well. I always felt a divide between Nintendo and other gaming companies. This wasn't a fan-boy reaction. Both Sony and Microsoft seemed to share a large percentage of available games, while Nintendo went off and did their own thing. I liked that "dare to be different" mentality. There were some titles I wished would come to a Nintendo console, but Nintendo developed really great gaming franchises.

Having aged to the point of having a son, I've enjoyed sharing my passion for retro gaming with him as well as staying on top of modern gaming's tech. We play on my original Atari 2600, along with other retro consoles, as well as the PS3 and PS4.

I loved the Wii U and was upset by the backlash from developers and consumers. Devs never really put the second-screen capability to good use and consumers didn't care. I thought it would be a game changer, but games didn't use it properly, if at all, and it's benefits were largely ignored by all involved. That's a real shame.

When Nintendo upped it's innovation factor again with their Switch announcement, I was leery that it might be another misunderstood console that may again confuse dimwitted consumers. I knew gamers would see it's virtues, but to be successful, those outside the traditional gamer profile needed to develop a craving for this new device. It had to sell to the masses, not just gamers.

It did and it's ability to go from your living room to your backpack is an amazing concept that will only expand as people discover all the places it can go... and back to your big TV! I still love a large number of 8-bit games and love playing Namco Museum on any platform, but the Switch and it's capabilities has changed the way I look at gaming. Splatoon 2 and Arms are terrific exclusives. Everyone has their eye on Nintendo's Switch!

What's your favorite modern ga ming console?

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