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May 19, 2017 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

The Luigi death-stare was fine, but Inklings making gestures is deemed offensive

Inkling making rude gestures
Social media is breeding a generation who can't control their need to display outrage and demand conformity to their views.
For me, video games are an escape! Between what I see on screen and the gaps my mind fills in, I can overthrow armies, defeat alien invasions, and drive a race car at breakneck speeds (even underwater). Games let us do amazing things. Sometimes it's a release from a mundane day. Other times it's an educational experience.

Sometimes I love the irreverence of South Park's The Stick of Truth, while other times I become swept up in the adventures of Nathan Drake, despite the coarse language. I can't pass up a good Garden Warfare battle even though every match involves some kid telling me he's "doing my Mom".

Inkling making rude gestures When it comes to foul language, a lot of it comes out of me when my Humanoids turn into Mutants as I desperately fail at Defender - but I still love playing it! Video games offer vast choices from 8-bit space battles to modern photo realistic adventures.

Gaming offers a lot of choices from games for toddlers to those that will haunt your dreams for weeks. Some are fun. Some expose us to serious issues and let us test our choices. I'll love space Invaders forever because of the manic sounds as they creep closer. The span of options is immense. Of course I always love to being berated by Ratchet & Clank's Mr. Zircon :)

I have to admit I grow tired of whiners demanding all products cater to their specific needs and desires. I got a kick out of Luigi's death-stare as he passed by. Very out of character and sinister looking - awesome!

I think the Inkling gesture is the same thing. I know Nintendo is a family-friendly company, but I think a little bit of irreverence doesn't really dent-sales or engagement with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

Here's the rub. If you don't like something about a game, don't buy it. We do this with every single purchase. Each item we buy likely has dozens of alternatives. Buy the one you like and be happy. You wouldn't buy an album by a band you don't like, so why complain about something you don't like in a video game?


Across social media, I see so many people who think everything should be made to "their" standards. They act as though the world should cater specifically to them and they can't figure out why this isn't happening. Outrage over the Inkling's gesture? buy a different game. Simple. With so many serious battles to wage in the tumultuous world we live in, find a real cause to get behind and let video games take you to a special place you can enjoy.

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