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May 9, 2017 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

I'm stoked about Hyper Sentinel on PS4 and now it's coming to Switch too

Hyper Sentinel for  Nintendo Switch
Huey Games announced their retro-inspired space shooter, Hyper Sentinel, will be coming to the Switch eShop this Summer!
In simpler times, I was stoked to get the latest pixel wizardry from Hewson Consultants (now, Huey Games) for my PS4. Having developed amazing games since the 80s, like Uridium, Paradroid, and Nebulus, backing Hyper Sentinel on Kickstarter was an easy decision. Life has just become more complicated.

I've stopped being the rampant early adopter I was in the past. I adore Nintendo, but wanted to sit back as the Switch came to market and see how things panned out after the Wii U was sabotaged. Clearly the Switch has done well and seems to be on a trajectory to bring Nintendo to a stronger position in the industry. Now, I gotta get a Switch!

My cautious approach leaves me Switchless as all sorts of great games are headed it's way. Huey Games announced Hyper Sentinel will be coming to the Switch this Summer! I wanted this game and assumed my PS4 would be the best place to play it. It's come time to fill out the backer survey for the Hyper Sentinel Kickstarter and I have to figure out what to choose - Switch or PS4!

Ordinarily, I'd jump for the Nintendo release, but I don't own a Switch. Do I stick with the PS4 version or try to save up for a Switch? I really wanted one for the Summer, but now I'm second guessing things. If I get Hyper Sentinel on PS4, I'm sure I'll get a Switch, but if I go for the Switch version... maybe I won't be able to get the hardware.

I'm fairly certain I know the answer. When life throws you a curve ball... go Nintendo! Problem solved. Besides, I totally want to ge able to take Hyper Sentinel on the go - Switch to the rescue.

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