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September 2017 Retro Gaming Article

September 15, 2017 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

What 12-year-old, with $1 million, doesn't demand video games be integrated into their epic treehouse?

Grace VanderWaal on Treehouse Masters
Last year's AGT winner, Grace VanderWaal, wanted a sick treehouse and got Pete Nelson (Treehouse Masters) to do it up
I had a treehouse as a kid. My Dad built it for me and I loved it. However, when reality TV presents a show about treehouses, you know it's going to be ridiculous.

Pete Nelson has built a name for himself by building mini-mansions high up in the trees. His creations are showcased on Discovery Chanel's show, Treehouse Masters. These made-for-TV builds are quite different from the treehouse I had. In fact, I've never encountered a treehouse with electricity and indoor plumbing. Nelson creates some impressive habitats in the trees. When you combine a 12-year-old millionaire with Nelson's flare for excess - you get a hell of a nice treehouse!

In 2016 Grace won the grand prize on the TV show, America's Got Talent. She was twelve, at the time, and writes her own songs. After performing several of them, she went through to the finals. Upon winning, one of the things she wanted to do with her winnings was build a sick treehouse. She got it.

My one complaint was a lack of video games. What 12-year-old doesn't incorporate video games into the most spectacular treehouse they'll ever own? It has electricity - I'm sure there was room for a CRT and a Colecovision. Gross oversight on the part of Nelson :)

Grace VanderWaal on Treehouse Masters Check out Pete Nelson's blog for more photos of Grace VanderWaal's treehouse.

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