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April 2, 2017 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Ghost In The Shell takes a more all-out-action approach leaving the cerebral elements in the background

Too many reviews are focused on casting instead of the films many elements. It's a cool flick.
It's frustrating to see so many reviewers and websites jumping on the "whitewashing" term as though it means anything relevant. Changing the ethnicity of a cast or cast member doesn't really change a movie. Acting is a craft. It's not about "looking like" some visual expectation. Acting involves bringing a character and story to life - to the screen, etc... Scarlett Johansson is top notch

Ghost In The Shell video game for PlayStation I"m not a huge fan of anime in general, but I like the storyline of the original Ghost In The Shell. Knowing that Hollywood long ago gave up on creating original works, we are subjected to remakes, reboots, and the like. While this interpretation of the story was more of an action film, there were hints of the underlying issues of human enhancements. the way Hollywood operates, I'm not sure they could have properly balanced the original duality of the plot.

As a stand-alone film, I likeed it. It was a fun film to see. That may be a shallow take on it, but I'm about fun. From video games to film, my metric for entertainment media comes down to fun. It was a cool flick. I'm sure I'll pick up the DVD when it comes out, but the purists who want the original work duplicated, will not be happy.

I liked it. Go check out Ghost In The Shell - it's fun. For those reading reviews claiming the movie was bad because of casting decisions, you know those reviewers are trying to jump on a trend and send out enough controversial hate to garner some recognition. That has nothing to do with the rating of a film. We took in some Time Crisis 4 and air hockey in the theater's arcade and that makes everything better. Check it out. Eat some pop corn and play some video games. If it's not your thing, sneak into another theater for a do-over :)

Ghost In The Shell movie with Scarlett Johansson See if you can find a copy of the game for the original PlayStation. I didn't realize there was a Ghost in the Shell video game. It's a 3D shooter based on the original comic, not the film. There's also Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex for PS2.

Ghost In The Shell video game for PlayStation

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