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June 2017 Retro Gaming Article

June 6, 2017 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

An official GameStop letter arrived in the mail with news of a “security incident”

GameStop sent me a letter about a security incident (hack)
For all those times I've saved $1.25 with my rewards card, I hope some moron hasn't racked up astonishing debt in my name.
After a day at the office, I was thinking about firing up some Crispy Crowns, checking out a few of my recent Atari 2600 finds, and catching an episode of iZombie. But first, I went through the stack of incoming bills and found a curious envelope from GameStop. Not a business size envelope, but one of those large square ones. Hmmm...

Did I win something?
News of an amazing new game?
Will Crash Bandicoot's N Sane Trilogy release early?
Perhaps another irritating credit card offer?


They were apprising me of a "security incident" which likely means they were hacked six years ago and are now telling me about it. Just in case my credit hadn't already been ruined, here was a mandatory disclosure about some sort of breach in their systems resulting in theft of customer information.

While many are quick to praise businesses that dole out such disclosure letters, their action is not altruistic, nor an attempt to assist their customers. Such letters are usually sent out years after the "incident" and are part of a mandatory agreement with another controlling party.

I was going to delve into this Pokemon Ultra news I heard, but now I'm wondering if I should slide down the rabbit hole and see how many credit violations I can track down and report to an automated digital assistant at some acronym'd state agency. Thanks GameStop.

I'm a sucker. I'm sure I'll be back to put my credit worthiness on the line for a kick-ass space shooter adventure!

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