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June 2017 Retro Gaming Article

June 19, 2017 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Galloping Ghost Arcade announces the 600th game on their floor

Galloping Ghost Arcade
I can't fathom the amazing overload from being surrounded by 600 arcade games, but I would like to move in and live there!
Sega's Star Wars Chicago's Galloping Ghost Arcade began in 2010 with a worthy premise - create a space that celebrates the advancement of arcade gaming in a fun hands-on environment. Starting with 130 games, today, owner Doc Mack announced the 600th game to be displayed on the floor!

One of their hallmarks is giving gamers the opportunity to play extremely rare games, like Primal Rage II, next to classics like Donkey Kong and Missile Command. As their collection grew, they've been releasing games to the gaming floor with a bit of a tease.

The 600th game, revealed today, is 2-payer Sega Star Wars - another very rare game. Having played in numerous arcades that rotated games onto the floor to keep things fresh, those rotations meant a machine had to be taken off the floor. Much respect for Galloping Ghost's ability to expand and grow. With a $20 door-fee, you can play as long as you want - all the games are on free play!

Billed as one of the largest arcades in the world, if you're in the Chicago area, it's worth a visit. You could actually plan a week-long vacation there and not get your hands on every game. It's an epic wonderland.

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