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May 2017 Retro Gaming Article

May 1, 2017 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Could you be duped into attending a gaming convention that turned into a Fyre Fest fiasco?

The perils of unfounded conventions and events
We all laughed at the outcome, but it's easier than you may think to be led into what appears to be a good idea.
Picture this...
You're stoked to board a flight to a remote tropical island for a long weekend of retro gaming with like minded fanatics and industry luminaries. They even hav e few chiptune bands coming in to keep things rocking. You forked over a hefty $1,800, but there are luxury accommodations, four-course meals, and nine arcades.

That's the one that got you hooked. Aside from all the amenities being constructed for this special event, they are creating nine different arcades! Each one will be stocked with the games you've loved since the 80s and 90s. Imagine a wall of head-to-head Daytona, aisles of Defender, Berzerk, Dig Dug, Pac-Man, Missile Command, Tron, Wizard Of Wor... the list seems endless. The lights. The sounds!

Combined with beautiful beaches, bikinis, eSports, and a myriad of gaming's top developers, could it get any better? Imagine attending an intimate forum in which Eugene Jarvis talks through his mindset as Robotron 2084 came together. Next you're off to liten to Nolan Bushnell talk about his post-Atari entrepreneurial forays with his son appearing to discuss the Polycade.

It would be hard for me to walk away from a slick sounding retro arcade festival. I'd fall into the trap!
Too good to be true, right? So, why did you buy those expensive tickets? Like Fox Mulder, we want to believe...

Alas, the world we live in today is full of phishing scams, fake telemarketing calls, and celebrities paid to "promote" fantastic events they have zero stake in. That's how so many fell victim to the Fyre Fest debacle. Attendees who were able to get to the island discovered the vast preparations that lured them in, had not even begun. They arrived to a baren wasteland with shelter tents and meals you might find in prison. Not an ounce of luxury.

Most events are not on the grand scale touted by Fyre Fest, but think of the gaming conventions you've attended. New ones pop up and we are tempted by guest lists and vendors who will be demonstrating their wares. The allure of endless 80's arcade games would be enough to get me on a plane. But we have to be diligent in protecting ourselves.

When things seem too good to be true, you have to ask questions. Anyone buying games from online auctions or forums is all too familiar with the devious schemes and scams. From repro-carts to misrepresented quality there are many ways to be cheated out of your time and money.

The best comment I read about Fyre Fest was - it was designed to entertain thousands and wound up entertaining millions. I've gotten a chuckle out of this bizarre event, but don't forget, scenarios like this can happen anywhere. Be vigilant about who you deal with and verifying everything!

The perils of unfounded conventions and events

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