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May 2017 Retro Gaming Article

May 13, 2017 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Cara Goes bald for beauty and chills on a pinball table

Sometimes a picture speaks to you. This one of Cara Delevingne sitting on a pinball machine is pretty cool.
Cara Delevingne sitting on a pinball machine Cara Delevingne sitting on a pinball machine.
Cara Delevingne at the Mtv Movie & TV Awards Cara Delevingne sporting a new bald look at the Mtv Movie & TV Awards.

Cara Delevingne speaks out on beauty standards on Instagram Cara Delevingne spoke out about beauty standards on Instagram:
The more we embrace who we are as people and rely less on our physical attributes, the more empowered we become. Beauty shouldn't be so easily defined. It is limitless.

Its exhausting to be told what beauty should look like. I am tired of society defining beauty for us. Strip away the clothes, Wipe Off the make up, cut off the hair. Remove all the material possessions. Who are we? How are we defining beauty? What do we see as beautiful?

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