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June 2017 Retro Gaming Article

June 12, 2017 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Opinions divide on Atari Box- an HD console for 2600 games or a modern device with no retro ties

Atari box
Tease-marketing is annoying rather than exciting, because I want to be excited by the product, not a premise. And I'm an adult.
I feel some folks are thinking Hyperkin's upcoming console is part of the "Atari Box" mystery. It sounds as though Hyperkin is releasing the Retron 77 that will bring HDMI output to your collection of Atari 2600 games. Now you can better play them on modern TVs. That's cool, but I'd love to see support for 5200 and 7800 carts. Atgames is doing the same thing, adding HDMI to their Atari and Sega Flashback consoles. I'm not convinced this is the mystery as there seems to be enough public acknowledgment of the Retron 77 while the Atari Box site remains silent on info.

I'm praying to the retro gods hoping the "Atari Box" won't suck.
Those on forums who are dropping mild clues - presumably because they are part of the project or have inside knowledge - tell a different tale. They speak of a hardware device with no ties or connection to retro gaming. The plot thickens....

Keep in mind many projects have gone the route of licensing the Atari name without any connection to gaming or retro gaming. They simply want to associate the prominence of the Atari name with their product to boost interest and credibility.

Tease Marketing Is Irritating

At this point, I'm just annoyed at the entire marketing tease. If I knew it was gaming related, I'd be stoked to discover what this mysterious product is. From the woodgrain tease in the Atari Box video, I assumed it was 2600 VCS related.

The possibility arises that it may be a kick-ass pizza oven or innovative bike rack. Who knows. I'm going to save my excitement for SFII on Switch and Mutant Mudds on my PS4. If Atari delivers the goods, I'll be all over it :)

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