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May 2017 Retro Gaming Article

May 22, 2017 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

The gorgeous, but wildly expensive, Analogue Nt Mini goes on pre-sale next week

Analogue Nt Mini
If you have the money, this is a stunning NES clone console centered around an FPGA!
As NES clones go, most focus on features and compatibility - which is a sound practice. The folks at Analogue also lean heavily on artistic aesthetic which shows on the Analogue Nt Mini. Their consoles are wonderfully functional and beautiful. This is no plug & play device. It works with NES and Famicom cartridges and outputs at 1080p HDMI.

Analogue Nt Mini Once you get past the beauty of the Analogue Nt Mini console, it sports one of retro gaming's finest clone attributes - FPGA. While many clones use various emulation schemes to approximate NES game play, the Analogue Nt Mini uses a Field Programable Gate Array (FPGA).

The inner workings of the NES have been replicated into a sophisticated FPGA which delivers truer game play than emulation which often misrepresents both colors and sounds.

With four controller ports, compatible with any original NES controller, and no lockout chips or region limitations, this is a very cool retro gaming device. It's break from the usual emulation makes this console worth a look for it's implementation of an FPGA. From a marketing standpoint, I urge you to check out Analogue's Instagram where they have many images of familiar NES start-up screens with the game carts in an Analogue Nt Mini. A great Instagram follow!

I'd love to own one, but the price is prohibitive for many gamers, but it is a fascinating device. Analogue is saying the upcoming pre-sale is for a very limited number of consoles. Each wave of both the original Analogue Nt and the newer Mini has been quite limited. It's a difficult price point to go beyond a niche group of customers, but I hope they can begin to produce the console in larger numbers which may bring down the price.

It is currently listed at $449 and will be available for pre-sale on Wednesday, May 31st at 8am PST.

Analogue Nt Mini

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