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May 12, 2017 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Celebrities flock to be on Tanked, including Alyssa Milano, so why is the game just cartoon fish?

Alyssa Milano on Tanked
Celebrities play such an engaging part of Animal Planet's Tanked show, why aren't they part of the mobile game?
Have you watched Tanked - that show about the two guys (Wade and Brett) who moved to Vegas to build Hella-cool fish tanks? It's a fun show. They're true entrepreneurs, but the show is focused on the ingenious fish tanks they create for A-list celebrities who open their homes to the show's cameras.

Tanked mobile game With the popularity of Tanked on Animal Planet, you'd think their mobile game would have a stronger tie-in to the show. It's a pretty lackluster game that really doesn't capitalize on any of the things that make the TV show engaging. The TV show is littered with celebrities and humor, while the mobile game is more like a Candy Crush Fish-Sim.

While they build tanks for a lot of celebrity athletes, they have their share of other red-carpet types, like Alyssa Milano. Everyone on the show reacted to her the way you'd expect - everyone loves her!

So, with all these celebrities letting you get glimpses into their lives via their homes, why is the mobile tie-n (game) focused on being a cartoonish "keep your fish alive" game? This show is more about entrepreneurs, fun, and celebrities. Fish almost take a backseat to the engagement of the show. Sure, they do build spectacular tanks filled with beautiful fish, but the show's highlights are the humorous interactions Wade and Brett have with their celebrity clients.

As mobile games go, this one is too predictable which doesn't let it tie in well with the show. Outside of the title, you'd never see the affiliation. This is a fun show that isn't using the game to it's advantage. As a game, it should support and showcase the fun and creativity of the Tanked TV show - driving engagement with the show. I'd rather see it as an app with some utility rather than just a game. If they can get Alyssa Milano stoked for a fish tank, they can certainly come up with a better mobile experience for fans!

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